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Innocent Seduction (St. John Series Book 6) A Debutante Ball Should Be A Time Of Joy In A Young Lady S Life A Time For Introduction Into Polite Society And To Potential Suitors But For Alyssa Craycraft, The Joy And Excitement Lasts For A Total Of Two Days On The Third Day, She S Taken By A Man Who Feels Her Older Sister Slighted Him By Marrying Another Forced To Cross The Atlantic To England, Alyssa Clings To The Hope That She Can Escape Her Captor And Return To Her Home When An Opportunity For Escape Presents Itself, She Disguises Herself As A Boy And Flees Desperate To Get Home, She Slips Aboard A Ship Mistaken For A Job Applicant, She Is Hired As A Cabin Boy For What Seems To Be A Beast Of A Captain As She Works In The Presence Of This Overbearing, Handsome Man, She Finds That The Thought Of Being Held In His Arms Is Tempting Than Ever Returning Home Captain Noah St John Believes The Presence Of Women On A Ship Brings Bad Luck, Although He Loves Their Presence In His Bed When He Discovers His Cabin Boy Is Actually A Beautiful Southern And Very Innocent Female Stowaway, He Must Decide Whether To Take Her Home Or Take Her Back To England But The Longer He Is In Her Presence, The Her Beauty And Wit Intrigue Him As His Mind And Body Battle His Attraction To Her, Will He Have The Strength To Push Her Away Or Will He Fall Victim To Her Innocent Seduction

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    I was fortunate enough to get an advance review copy of Innocent Seduction I ve read all the St John books, and it seems like every one I read is my new favorite Innocent Seduction was no exception.Alyssa Craycraft is the sister of Andrea Craycraft, the heroine of Wild Belle, the third book in the St John series She is kidnapped while on her way to a dress fitting for another sister s wedding The kidnapper is the disgusting and evil nephew of the Craycrafts neighbors He s angry at losing Alyssa s sister, Andrea, to a St John not because he s in love with Andrea, but because he wants her dowry He decides to take Alyssa instead and uses threats of violence against her family to get her to cooperate while he books them passage to England.Alyssa is young and naive, but there s still that spark of Craycraft spirit in her, and when they dock in England, she makes her escape disguised as a boy She spends some rather interesting days on the dock, including a hilarious scene where she hides under a wagon and learns than she cares to know about the birds and the bees She overhears someone mention that a huge ship docked near her is a St John vessel so she sneaks aboard and ends up getting hired as Noah St John s cabin boy She also overhears the sailors talking about Noah never allowing women on his ship because they re bad luck, so she decides not to reveal who she really is until they are too far out to sea to turn back.This book has a...

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    Unbelievably stupid I could barely get through the first few chapters with the ridiculous dialoguethe southern accent was hillbilly than old plantation The plot is boring and silly and I found the writing subpar at best That added to the kindly slaveowners was enough to...

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