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    Overall 4 5 stars, Recommend this anthology I have really enjoyed reading this book An anthology, featuring 26 different authors, each with their own style, their own story Some of the poems here have shaken me to my core, leaving me to want reading and from that author It s a great way to discover new writers who speak to your soul.Unfortunately, the editing has sometimes felt lackluster The work has been catered to fit the book, and it is evident that some authors w...

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Poetry Side of Tumblr The Painful Side Of Poetry Poets Poetry Is Much Like A Blend Between Sarahah, Social Media, And Your Own Personal Diary You Can Keep Your Poems To Yourself Forever Where No One Else Will Ever Read Them, And Then If You Did Use Hateful Words Against Someone Else No One Needs To Know You Have A Heart Of Ice And You Can Keep Playing The Victim Or, You Can Post Them Online Enzo Minarelli The Sound Side Of Poetry The Sound Side Of Poetry Polipoemi Sonori Track A Registrato Presso Lo Studio Di Musica Elettronica Di Radio Beograd, Assistenza Tecnica Di Vladan Radovanovic Track A Ogni Riferimento Alla Lingua Italiana Puramente Casuale Incremental Poetry Dark Side Of The Moon Poems For Warriors We Are At War Life Is A Battle Every Day We Fight For Joy, Peace Love This Is Correspondence From The Front Line The Wrong Side Of History GunI Wrote This Poem Over A Year Ago I Wrote It For Myself I Wrote It Because I Was Tired, And Scared, And Angry We Were Going To Release This Video On The Anniversary Of THE THEOLOGICAL SIDE OF POETRYGK Chesterton, Public Domain, USA Every Now And Then I Get Interested In Poetry And Spend Some Time Reading A Few Poems But To Say I Live Immersed In The World Of Poetry Would Be Flat Out Falseof The Best Poems About The Sea As Such, The Poem Captures The Bewitching Fascination The Sea Holds For Us, But Also Its Darker,unpredictable Side Ezra Pound Produced A Loose Translation Of The Poem In The Early Twentieth Century Poetry Wikipedia Poetry Has A Very Long History, Dating Back To Prehistorical Times With The Creation Of Hunting Poetry In Africa, And Panegyric And Elegiac Court Poetry Was Developed Extensively Throughout The History Of The Empires Of The Nile, Niger And Volta River Valleys The House By The Side Of The Road The House By The Side Of The Road By Sam Walter FossThere Are Hermit Souls That Live Withdrawn In The Place Of Their Selfcontent There Are Souls Like Stars That Dwell Apart Page Statue Of Liberty Poem By Emma Lazarus The Statue Of Liberty Poem Is Actually A Sonnet By Lazarus Written To Raise Money For The Building Of The Base And Is Now Engraved On A Bronze Plaque And Contained Inside Of A Poem House By The Side Of The Road But Let Me Live By The Side Of The Road And Be A Friend To Man Let Me Live In A House By The Side Of The Road Where The Race Of Men Go By The Men Who Are Good And The Men Who Are Bad, As Good And As Bad As I I Would Not Sit In The Scorner S Seat Nor Hurl The Cynic S Ban Let Me Live In A House By The Side Of The Road And Be A Friend To Man