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The Desolate Journey Attacked And Left For Dead In The Desert By An Unknown Entity, A Man Awakens To Find Himself In An Enigmatic New World Brimming With Unholy Chaos.Where Every Imaginable Evil Can And Does Exist, This Desolate Wilderness Relishes In The Destruction Of Humanity.With Little Understanding, The Man Is Forced To Flee For His Life As Hundreds Of Anonymous Assassins Stalk Him Through This Vast Land.With No One To Trust, The Man Must Rely On The Little Resources He Possesses, And To Come To Some Sort Of Understanding About Many Unknown Questions.Why Is This Happening To Him Where And What Is This Place And Who Is In Control Of It The Answers Lie Within The Alternative Wasteland

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    It s hard to put my feelings into words There are so many things I d like to say but feel like I d have to give away half the story to get my point across We all have our inner demons to fight but for some, that s an unforgiving, losing battle So rather than fight, they just give in and go with the flowto me that s so sad but that s the reality of things It s easy for me to say don t give up but look at the life I live It s so easy going and carefree compared to those say for example stuck in a battlefield or dying of starvationor living in poverty on a daily basis Anyway, this story helped me to reflect on those things but whether or not that was at all the point, I cannot say I d like to think it s up to me to take back what ...

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