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Swim (Mermaid Royalty, #2) A Mermaid Has No Fear Of The DeepAngelique Is Not Your Typical Fairy Tale Mermaid She S Edgy, With A Quick Temper And Intense Personality That Sometimes Leave Her Feeling Like An Outsider Even Among Her Own Clan Reeling From The Recent Changes In The Mer World Hierarchy, Angelique Is Struggling To Find Her Place In The Ocean But A Chance Encounter With A Handsome Two Legged Fin Man Will Leave Her Questioning Than Just Her Place In The Underwater Order Packed With Adventure, Romance And Drama, Swim Continues The Compelling Story Of Life And Love In The Magical Underwater Realm Of Atargatis.

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    Even better than the first book, SWIM is, at heart, a story of redemption The mermaid Angelique is a perfect blend of spitfire and courage and her eventual love for Lennox is touching and believable This book has wonderful worldbuilding that includes de...

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    I really liked the first book, so I was intrigued to find out what the next book would be like, since the first book is a stand alone with no cliffhanger However you need to read the first book to understand what is going on since it is a continuation from where it finished off in Sink.This book is about Angelica who is left behind to rebuild their city with her aunt who is Queen Her other two sisters have joined the human world, so she is left on her own She is angry with her sisters She feels that they have turned their backs on her.I liked this book then book one because I felt the characters are developed and I felt that they have a complex personality I didn t like Angelica in the first book because she acted like her mother The author didn t change her personality but she made her reflect on her past deeds It s about self discovery Angelica believes that she can t be saved due to her past sin s I really liked her in Swim, we get to know her then we did in Sink I felt she was the same yet different She acted like a...

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    Description Mermaids Royalty Series Book 2Angelique Fairytale Mermaid Finman Two LeggedUnderwater Realm of AtlantisI love this series book two synopsis is very intriguing along with the beautiful cover Book two is well interwoven into the stiryline that is well crafted executed This author has created a magical aquatic world that is a riveting tale that leaps off the ...

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    Another great read by M.E Rhines I loved book one, but book 2 was even better This time we get Angelique s story I can t wait for book 3

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    Really loved the second book in the Mermaid Royalty serie Can t wait for the next one Totally recommend it.I received and ARC of this book.

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