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    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.This was a cute sci fi romance A sweet one Dragons were responsible for the deaths of Xia s family So, when one rescues her she s determined to hate him However, her body doesnt She cant help herself and realizes he s different Adan has found his mate Her scent calls to him and he rescues her from certain death He realizes quickly she doesnt like dragons He wants to change her mind They cant stop the feelings that quickly arises and they succumb Can Xia ever accept him fully and stay with Adan or will she leave him Adan wants to give her what she wishes even if that means letting her go I havent read her first book of this series I didnt feel too ...

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    At long last, humans are free and Xia Nie stands outside the gates of the Andrak She s not even sure where she will go, but she needs to take that first step to her new life Her father and lover were dead, killed by dragons There was no reason to stay any But her lover s sister, Tess, came running out to her Tess wanted them to go together Tess had been given an old model air cruiser which would be far better than walking especially with the risk of other dragons who would kill them on sight With each other to provide courage, they agree to leave together for Tarro.After some time, Xia notices they should have reached Tarro Instead, Tess decided to go further to see Yohai s pretty lakes With a loud bang and black smoke, the engine dies and the air carrier plummets to the trees below After a hard crash, they escape the burning carrier and run as it explodes Adan, warrior and leader of his people, and Figor, his best friend, are sparring to demonstrate hand to hand combat techniques to the recruits A man runs up and tells Adan that two y...

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    Xia has lost everything and she blames herself for what happened Her Father and her boyfriend by the dragons and she said she would hate them for ever she heads out along but her friend wants to come along but she says no but she comes anyway Xia is stubborn and keeps going even in a blizzard and that is were she meets her mate Rur the Dragon but he has has to keep on her and keep loving her because she does not think she deserve ...

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    ARC I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest I felt bad for Xia.She lost all of her family She is all alone.She is so angry, and she is starting to give up on life.When she meets Adan, she does not trust him.That does not meant that...

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    A very enjoyable and entertaining read There wasn t much in the drama department but that didn t take away from the story Overall a good read looking forward to reading in this series I voluntarily read and review this ARC I haven t been compensated in anyway.

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    Great second story about dragons of Rur Interesting, quick read Well written story with realistic characters Sweet, heartwarming love story with adventure If you like dragons this book is for you I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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    Really enjoyed Xia s tale Sometimes the hardest thing is accepting that you need to enjoy the time you are given Adan helps Xia see that There story is sweet and heartwarming I hope there are books in this series I highly recommend this book and series I freely reviewed this ARC.

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    This is a wonderful story So well written that it comes to life as youare reading it I love this amazing world she has created and all of theawesome characters Highly recommend to everyone, you will not be disappointed.

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    This is a real interesting read.That I found I couldn t put it down.The plot was a real attention grabber.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

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Dragons Claim Read Dragons Claim Shea Malloy Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Dragons Are Nothing But Monsters And They All Deserve To Die My Father Was All I Had Left And They Took Him From Me All Alone, I Wished For Death When It Came For Me, I Was Stolen By A Dragon Prince Risen From The Ice Even Though I Fight It Even Though I Should Hate Adan For What He Is I Burn For Him Beneath His Heated Kisses I Give In To His Possessive, Demanding Touch And I Know That I Belong To No One Else But Him She Sees Me As Her Enemy, But She Is Destined To Be Mine For So Long My Dragon Was Asleep Until It Woke When My Fated Mate Cried Out In The Darkness I Saved Xia From Death S Embrace So She Could Be Held In Mine Her Softness And Sweet Scent Drive Me Crazy With Need I Never Want To Let Her Go Yet She Does Not Want To Stay Amid The Fight Against The Danger Harming My People, I Will Show Her That I Am Not Her Enemy I Am The One Meant For Her Dragon S Claim Is An Instalust, Fated Mates Romance It Stars A Handsome, Powerful Alien Dragon Shifter Warrior Falling In Love With A Beautiful, Broken Yet Quietly Strong Human Woman No Cliffhangers Happily Ever After Guaranteed.