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In the South Bronx of America Residents Of New York City S South Bronx Neighborhood Live Amidst What Is Frequently Described As The Most Severe And Widespread Poverty In Any U.S Metropolitan Area In The South Bronx Of America Is A Work Which, Through Documentary Photographs, Counterpointed With Statements By Residents And By Newspaper Reports And Statistical Information, Offers Both An Intimate View Of Life In This Neighborhood And A Context For Understanding The Last Two Decades Of Accelerated Social Decay In The Words Of Penny Coleman, New York Times Photographer, In The South Bronx Of America, Is Important Because It Is Not Cynical, Because It Is A Sincere Attempt To Provide The Awareness Necessary For Change.

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    Photojournalism at its best Rosenthal s pictures definitely tell it like it was, has been, continues to be not just in the Bronx but in all the urban centers left behind when industrial planning and economic downsizing come before hard working residents.Rosenthal s introduction sets the tone for the era of neglect and hope where the photos are taken Grace Paley s reflections of growin...