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Every Blade of Grass They Thought We Wouldn T Fight Back They Were Wrong.Now That The Truth Is Revealed, It Is Clear That America S Second Founding Is Not What It Was Promised To Be.The Grid Is Still Down, Food Is Scarce And Each Day Grows Colder Than The Last.The Fruited Plain Is Now Dotted With Work Camps, Refugees, And Extermination Centers.It Is Up To The Few Surviving Patriots To Band Together And Take Action.The Odds Are Long, But They Have To Try.The Stage Is Set When Tennessee Declares Independence A Decision That Can Only End In Liberty Or Death.It S Time To Learn What Fate Has In Store Next For The Characters You Love And Those You Love To Hate In Book Four Of The Homeland Series Every Blade Of Grass.

About the Author: R.A. Mathis

A jack of all trades and master of some, R.A Mathis has worn many hats as a husband, father, student, teacher, soldier, and finance professional However, he has always been a writer After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a BS in mathematics, he served nine years in the army as an ard cavalry officer, rising to the rank of captain and holding a secret level clearance During

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    Saving americaI certainly hope there is another book because they are still in dire peril They made great strides to free the country from the revolutionized but have a long way to go.

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    Grear news they start fighting back after two books of depressing reading we finally start winning again on taking back our country from these crazy people Looking forward now to the next book

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