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Ryan and Robbie and the Kung Fu Baby Bully S Beware, There S A New Kid In Town Kung Fu Baby Three Brother S Learn The Kung Fu Way Of Thinking They Experience Bullying, And Handle It Without Violence They Befriend The Bully, And Tell Their Parents Ryan And Robbie And The Kung Fu Baby Is A Multicultural Masterpiece, That Teaches Good Family Values, The Benefit Of A Strong Community, And Balancing Of Two Cultures In A Multicultural Family This Is The Second Book In The Ryan And Robbie Book Series, And Introduces Little Baby Ray, The Kung Fu Baby The Book Also Introduces The Mean Girls, And Shows That Bullying Is Not Just Something That Boys Do Girls Can Be Bullies Too Groups Can Bully The Book Also Eloquently Introduces Another Set Of Chinese Phrases And Further Explores The Significance Of Language And Culture If You Like Dora The Explorer, Or Ni Hao Kai Lan, You Will Love This Book Series.

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