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    If you are a middle child then you will know exactly the feelings middle bear experiences as this tale is told He is the second of three brothers He is too young to hang out with his older brother and too young to do things with his baby brother Everything about his life, his activities and his sibling placement in the family is middle sized He longs to feel special and noticed by the others around him His father often goes out with his older brother to collect walnuts and almonds while his mother naps with his younger brother leaving him to read a book by himself He begins to feel depressed and sorry for himself However can he get himself noticed and rid himself of the middle child syndrome blues The tears he shed can not wash away his sadness and feelings of unworthiness.One day his parents fall ill and urgently request that the three brothers go off on a mission to fetch them some willow tree bark to cure...

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    Middle Bear is the second of three brothers When the brothers go out into the forest to do various errands, Middle Bear is either too big or too small to be of any help His older and younger brother both seem to be the right size But Middle Bear seems to always be in the middle.He seems to go unnoticed And he longs to...

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    For older middle kids and bear fans this is a longer, wordier book Middle kids will likely relate to middle bear.If you are reading it to a younger child, it may help quicken the reading pace if you skip some of the middle words.

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    A middling book for middle children.

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    Middle Child Blues.My personal reaction to this, rather dull coloured book was only 3 stars, but I shared it with my 2 year old granddaughter and her enthusiasm raised the star rating to 4 It usually takes her a few reads to feel friendly towards a book, but as soon as we d finished this she was asking for Bear.It tells the story of Middle Bear, who always seems to be either too small or too big Being an eldest child, I guess I also missed the significance of being stuck in the middle, it seemed ideal to me, you could play with either sibling But I can imagine that it might be difficult for some children and a book that encourages discussion about this would help children struggling with such a situation.I loved the idea that the three bears could help their sick parents, and the illustration with the th...

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    A really sweet book about a middle bear He is not big, he is not little, he is just middle sized and does not feel special at all When mother and father need help, it is middle bear who is able to complete the task needed This is a great book for children who are the middle child and are trying to find their niche It is also a good book to discuss with the older and younger child so they can empathize with the middle sibling The illustrations are quite interesting They look like children had created them which would certainly appeal to children They were cut paper, crayon, chalk, coloured pencil and Quite an interesting addition to this story I would definitely recommend it to families where the ...

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    I have three boys and I know the reality that the middle child faces everyday They often get overlooked or feel like they don t get treated like the others because they are stuck in the middle, neither big nor small This book brings to light that struggle and finds a wonderful way of showing how special a middle child can be.I enjoyed reading this book to my three year old, but he didn t seem very interested in the artwork TO tell you ...

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    Everything in this young bear s life is middle sized his bike, his dinner, his bedtime, even the tears he cries when he is sad about being the middle bear When his parents become ill, the three brothers need to retrieve something to help them from the top of a high mountain They face a dangerous situation and he discovers that being the middle is not so bad after all This story highlights that every size has their own benefits and that you should feel happ...

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    Thank you Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.A wonderful book for all the middle children in the world As well as all the older and younger children who need to have better empathy for their frequently invisible sibling Middle Bear feels lost between the older and younger children in the family There are times it even makes him feel sad It is not until his not too big and not too little size...

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    A really sweet book about a middle bear where everything in his life is middle sized and he feels less than special The writing is lovely and shows that middle children are just a great as the eldest and youngest which I know lots of middle children sometimes don t feel I m the youngest of 3 I would definitely re...

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Middle Bear He Was The Second Of Three Brothers E Was Not Big, But He Was Not Small, Either Neither Strong Nor Weak, Neither Tall Nor Short, Neither A Lot Nor A Little He Was The Middle One Everything About Life With His Brothers Was Middle Sized And When You Re Always In The Middle, Sometimes It S Hard To Feel Special But Then, One Day The Cubs Parents Fell Ill, And Their Mother Asked Them To Fetch Some Medicinal Bark From A Willow Tree On The Top Of A Mountain When It Turned Out That This Very Important Task Could Only Be Done By A Cub Of His Middle Size, He Finally Realized How Special It Was To Be The Middle One Author Susanna Isern S Lovely, Melodic Picture Book Tale With A Delightful Use Of Repetition Throughout Offers An Upbeat And Positive Message To Middle Children Everywhere It S A Subject That Is Not Often Addressed In This Format With Its Hero S Quest Theme, The Story Has The Feel Of A Modern Day Fairy Tale Manon Gauthier S Spare Artwork And Understated Palette Perfectly Capture The Poignancy Of The Bear Cub S Emotional Journey Though The Book Focuses On The Role Of Middle Children, It Really Celebrates Every Child S Efforts Toward Self Discovery, As They Seek Out Their Own Special Place In The World It Also Offers A Wonderful Opportunity To Highlight The Character Education Subject Of Perseverance Or A Lesson On Empathy.

  • Hardcover
  • 34 pages
  • Middle Bear
  • Susanna Isern
  • 03 July 2018
  • 9781771388429

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Middle Bear book, this is one of the most wanted Susanna Isern author readers around the world.