Free ↠ Silver Soldiers (A.K.A. Gods Silver Soldiers) Backed by Tales of Nazareth By Rebecca Dunn –

Silver Soldiers (A.K.A. Gods Silver Soldiers) Backed by Tales of Nazareth Join Liberty Fighters Around The World As They Utter The Slogans Associated With The SILVER SOLDIERS, God Gave Them Their Powers The World Gave Them Their Passion And In Our Darkest Hour, They Werethe Light Order This Collector S Item, Bookstore Comic Shop Issue 1 From Truthmonger Comics Group Nordskog Publishing, Today SILVER SOLDIERS, The Comic Book, Also Features The Amazing And Incredible Back Story, TALES OF NAZARETH THE BOYHOOD OF JESUS.and The Truth Shall Set You Free For All Fans Of Silver And Bronze Age Comics, For All Fans Of Superhero Comics, For All Who Say, If They Only Created Comics Like They Used To This First Release In The Bookstore Comic Shop Series Of SILVER SOLDIERS THE SUPERHERO TEAM Is For You.The Truthmonger Age Of Comics Is Here, With Faith And Hope Based Superheroes, NOW We Crafted The Issue 1, 48 Pager Collector S Inaugural Issue Expressly For Direct Sales, Bookstores, And Comic Shops Starring Christian Superhero Team SILVER SOLDIERS A.k.a GOD S SILVER SOLDIERS And There S To Come.From Deep Within The Imagination Of Grammy Award Winner In Gospel Art Greenhaw, Ink Pot Award Winner Ben Dunn, And Writer Rebecca Dunn Comes This 21st Century Tale Of Epic Proportions Of Ordinary, Everyday Young Men And Young Women Who Are Chosen By God To Fight Evil, Stand Up For What S Right, And Strike Blows For The Good And The True Endorsed By Stan Lee, And Approved By The Christian Comics Code Alliance.

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