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Sunshine: One Man's Search for Happiness Explaining How Sunshine Became A Symbol Of Health, Hope And Freedom In The Early 20th Century, This Title Explores Why Sunshine Gives Us Pleasure, The Rites And Rituals Of Modern Sun Worship, And How This Love Affair Finds Expression In The Books We Read, The Films We Watch, And The Songs We Hear Every Day.

8 thoughts on “Sunshine: One Man's Search for Happiness

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    A well written investigation into the sun and sunshine and how and why it effects our moods, happiness, and culture Erudite, wide ranging and accessible, the perfect book to read on a sunny day Love the cover too

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    A book about sunshine to brighten your day, written by a Brit We Brits are world renown for moaning about the weather, so Robert goes in search of the ultimate dream I enjoyed the start of the book, got lost a bit on the way and liked the ending A good read on a dreary day.

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    So very ordinary.

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    The title says it all.

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    Poorly written, under researched, overlong, solipsistic.

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