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アフターアワーズ 1 There S Always Something Going On At Night Sooner Or Later, You Ll Find Your Scene.Emi Ashiana Is 24, Unemployed, And Not Really Sure What She Wants Do With Her Life When A Friend Invites Her To A Dance Club, Emi Doesn T Expect Much But What She Finds Will Change Her World The Club Is Hopping And Emi Isn T So She Ends Up Hiding In A Corner After Her Friend Ditches Her To Flirt With A Guy Emi Figures The Night Is A Bust, But Then Someone Amazing Comes To Her Rescue Kei Is A DJ, And Her Effortless Self Confidence Captivates Emi Is This Just A Wonderful Night Out Or The Start Of The Rest Of Her Life

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    THIS MANGA WAS INCREDIBLE Finally a licensed lesbian manga in English that is about two adult women Emi is around 24 years old and went to a club to meet a friend, but she ends up being abandoned by this friend who finds a boy to flirt Alone, a man tries to flirt with her then Kei appears and saves her.Kei is 30 years old, is a Dj and dresses wonderfully well seriously, I m in love with her style They talk at the nightclub and decide to stay at Kei s house There the two end up having a night stand The most interesting is that unlike other mangas where at this point one of the girls would be freaking out and disappearing in the morning or discovering herself lesbian, Emi takes it all normally She wakes up, remembers what happened, and gets a bit shy super cute , but doesn t regret or question her sexuality, which makes me think she may have already known about her own sexuality before Anyway, the two continue the day normally, but in friendly terms Neither cold nor loving romantically speaking.When the two meet again is with a friendly mood As if they were meeting as friends before starting something serious Emi ends up being influenced by Kei to VJing in an event that Kei will work and she ends up meeting her friends.At the end of the chapter Emi thinks that she needs to settle things right with Kei and a tense atmosphere is in the air, later we discover that Emi has a boyfriend whom she probably betrayed with Kei Emi explains to her friend that she broke up with him, but in the conversation it turns out that even after finishing it, Emi still lives with him I believe the drama might happen when Kei finds out, because Emi hasn t been able to find the courage to tell her yet.In short, the story is very good Funny, with a mature mood than what is usually found in yuris manga and with a pinch of cuteness.I believe this is the first time I read a Yuri licensed manga in English in which one of the characters is a bisexual woman and an adult.Oh yeah, it s interesting to also focus on the age gap between the characters, because once Emi discovers the age difference and comments on it, Kei throughout the manga begins to drop jokes about her old age and the difference of age between them, this is fun and cute.I can t wait to read all the adventures that Kei and Emi will experience in Volume 2, as well as the growing relationship between these characters.A total of 5 stars, but if I could I would give it 10.PS The music referenced in the manga is wonderful Kei really has good taste.

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    Unlike the rest of the yuri I ve read recently, After Hours is not about high school students It s such a refreshing change to read about adult women in this case, one is in her twenties, the other her thirties A lot of common manga tropes are left out of this story shame about sex, excessive bashfulness, internalized homophobia but we re both girls There s not even any fan service, and the kissing is vocally consented to While the two characters have a sexual relationship, the story focuses on everything else going on in their lives Emi just got out of college but has no idea what she s doing in life or what she wants Kei is finding a way to pursue her passions as hard as she can, and inviting Emi to join in The art is cinematic and the story is well done, with funny moments and characters you can get behind This is a unique addition to the current yuri offerings in English, and it deserves a lot attention than I ve seen it given Content warning Depictions of alcohol and drunkenness in club scenes, as well as a friendship that could be read as emotionally abusive.

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    Like the characters, but the plot is lacking big time This is basically two women falling in love It s actually really cute when it starts and I like they deal with it in a mature way Then we get the plot, their goals in life, and honestly it s boring Do you know what a VJ is No That s okay It s very boring Basically that s our heroes dream is to become a VJ which is like a DJ but with videos and ughboring Overall, I enjoy the characters but not the plot A 2.5.

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    An edgy, realistic yuri manga with older protagonists First volume had enough that I want to continue reading to find out .

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    I had no idea going into this that it was a yuri series or at least had a yuri relationship in it , but that ended up being one of the highlights not strictly because it has a lesbian couple at its center, but rather because their relationship starts with a one night stand, and that s something we don t see much of in yuri manga It grounds the series in a realistic world, and with Emi s initial reaction to being overwhelmed by a noisy club and her unfocused post college life, this feels like a much adult series than we ve seen in the genre.EDIT Same impression reading it the second time.

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    This book starts really strong and really feels like a breath of fresh air from so many yuri mangas I have read It s central characters aren t in high school, they hook up in the first chapter, it s very strongly given to you However, it then starts to drag as it goes on losing focus as it wants to create drama that doesn t feel needed and has perhaps to many ideas for what could be a much tightly focused narrative Still I really enjoyed it overall so I am looking forward to volume 2 and hoping that won t let me down.

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    EEK This was such a cute yuri manga about 24 year old Emi and 30 year old Kei who have a meet cute moment at a club and spend a night together leading into them consistently enjoying and of the others company Emi and Kei are quite different from each other but work so well together Emi is unsure of herself, a bit bashful, and quite expressionate in the best way Kei on the other hand is full of confidence, sassy, and very dedicated to DJ ing which is super cool I love the pair and am excited to see how the story plays out for them both With only 3 volumes in this series I cannot wait to pick up the next two and have these in my collection because this first volume was so enjoyable

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    Cute but nothing mind blowing to be honest Style of the manga was a little darker and busier than I like but it was still an interesting start to the series Don t know if I will be picking up the next volume

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    Meh I wish it was less a focus on nightclub culture and about these girls trying to figure out their futures.

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    A breath of fresh air in a lot of ways Different, and quite good 4.5 rounded up.Review

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