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    Barbara was well aware of the myriad prices women had to pay to succeed in police work Men in the profession didn t have to persuade a single soul that their competence was unaffected by their sex Women lived with having to do that daily Another amazing police procedural under my belt I can t get over how good this series is, and why I hadn t thought to continue the series years ago I will own that you have to be in the right frame of mind to really appreciate George s style of writing It s not all plot, and that s where it requires patience In the past, I ve slugged through a couple that weren t favorites for me, but now I wonder if I should have just picked them up at another time I might have to revisit those As regards this book, it seems so timely Although written in 1997, the topic of xenophobia is at the forefront of the novel A Pakistani man is murdered in a small Essex community, and the small Asian community has banded together in protest because the police have been slow to look into the murder, treating it as a botched burglary How Barbara finds herself in the mix when she s supposed to be on leave from work, I ll leave for you to piece togetherbut demonstrates how this is a series that needs to be read in order The angles George pulls on this one are just spot on, and even before 9 11 So many of the characters are esteemed members of society, but don t realize what bigots they are, or even that they re sexist, ageist and or homophobes It s all here And the extent that people will go to in order to hide their true colors is at the heart of this mystery So good I m trying to limit myself to one Lynley mystery a month, but that s getting harder and harder to do when I have the next books sitting on my shelf.

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    I slogged through this 713 page monster because I have enjoyed George s Inspector Detective Thomas Lynley stories so much, both in print and on the televised BBC series I also have a hard time abandoning books I begin This one features his side kick and apprentice, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, no Lynley to be found In this story, Elizabeth George takes on the cultural difficulties of Pakistani immigrants as background for the entire book To paraphrase The Grateful Dead, What a Long Strange Journey It Was She admits in the Acknowledgments that attempting to write about the Pakistani experience in England was an enormous undertaking I question why she made reading about the subject create such an enormous undertaking for us.Put simply, a recent Pakistani Immigrant is murdered and Sergeant Havers follows a Pakistani neighbor and friend, who s been asked to help the family, to Balfour le Nez on the North Sea Coast After days and days and days of false trails and frustrating interviews she figures out who she thinks did it only to realize it was someone else she never expected George goes on and on with internal dialogues, external dialogues, internal experiences, external experiences, etc., etc., etc ad nauseum At one point she spends three full pages describing two Pakistani children being harassed by a car full of toughs and losing their ice cream cones Alright already it could have been effectively done in two or three paragraphs.All the good stuff is contained in the last 75 pages So good that it almost made reading the other 638 pages worthwhile I do admit that George s research is impressive, her grasp of English idiom and her Murder Mystery plotting are all very good, especially for an American author, but it will be a while before I try another of her books.

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    Another very enjoyable read I like these books and , and I m going to be sad when I ve finished them all The characterizations are outstanding and the mysteries are well crafted, as long as you don t mind the author s slight cheat of putting you in the mind of the killer without revealing that he or she is the guilty party.This is the first of these novels to focus entirely on Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers Lynley is absent entirely On leave from New Scotland Yard, Havers takes something of a busman s holiday, following her Pakistani neighbors to a seaside resort in Essex where a family member has been killed Racial tensions are high in the community, and Havers finds her loyalties tested as she negotiates between her friends and the local authorities.I expected to miss Lynley than I did The character of Barbara Havers carried the weight of the book very nicely.

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    One of my favorites in the series Havers is this time around the main character and Lynley largely away The case Barbara gets on her hands has ties into the Asian community of a certain town, where the leaders have a very complicated relationship with the rest of the community and an even troublesome and infected one with the local authorities A situation not easily navigated, and Barbara Havers does make waves when she comes.

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    Where is the man who has the power and skillto stem the torrent of a woman s will For if she will she will, you may depend on t and if she won t she won t so there s an end on t from the pillar erected on the Mount in the Dane John Field in CanterburyThe above is how the ninth Elizabeth George book in the Inspector Lynley Detective Havers police mysteries begins While it eventually becomes clear why George used this quote, the novel is about so much .Usually, there is a strong current of soap opera drama in these mysteries, but not this time I think this is the most serious, and perhaps the best, book in the series so far In any case, I thought it very strong in exploring the theme of prejudice in four areas sex, race, disfiguring handicaps and religion Frankly, I was surprised at the level of expertise and even handed depths with which George explored these areas of her theme In the previous book, Lynley s proposal of marriage to Helen was accepted He is on his honeymoon and he does not make an appearance in this story Instead, we readers are treated to a Barbara Havers on her own, supposed on a medical leave recovering from a horrible beating she underwent a few weeks before Predictably, her boredom leads her to volunteer for an investigation into a murder.Balford le Nez, a seaside town, has seen better days It is becoming rundown every year as fewer and fewer tourists come to visit The business owners who depend on the tourists are trying to put aside most of their personal and competitive animosities and form plans to revive the village s attractions Particularly a local old wealth family, led by matriarch Agatha Shaw, has ideas for a proper English resort without any foreign influences However, a park has been constructed in the shabby town and it carries a Pakistani name which has inflamed her suspicions and hatred of all things Pakistan She particularly despises the heavily shrouded women which she occasionally encounters However, despite the tensions between both races who share the streets of the tourist town, and the accusations of police brutality from activist Muhannad Malik, local rich son of Abram Malik, factory producer of sauces, violence between Pakistanis and whites is minimal However, the discovery of a body of a man from Pakistan, Haytham Querashi, in one of the huts on the beach soon brings out into the open the local bigotry and hatreds between the whites and English Pakistanis who have held onto their traditional religious strictures and culture An antagonistic Muhannad Malik is pushing the local police to find the killer who he believes is a white man Because of his pugnacious attitudes, the town s top police boss, Detective Chief Inspector Emily Barlow, may lose her job She is having a great deal of trouble with her boss, Donald Ferguson, who thinks women are inferior at police work Havers becomes involved because her neighbor, Taymullarh Azhar, is asked by Malik to help prove the murderer must be white and to use his legal acumen to stop the police from trying to pin the murder on a Pakistani Havers becomes curious and decides to rent a hotel room in the town to check out the murder She learns that Barlow is in charge of the case only after she arrives in town They knew each other at the beginning of their police careers, but Barlow has achieved promotions much rapidly than Barbara.The plot thickens when the clues appear to show Querashi was on the beach for a view spoiler homosexual liaison with a male hide spoiler

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    re readWieder unglaublich spannend und interessant, wie schon damals die Problematik der Vorurteile gegen ber Ausl ndern mit eingebaut wurde

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    This is my favorite in the Lynley series after the first one, A Great Deliverance I didn t find it quite as powerful, that first book in the series moved me to tears In this one Inspector Thomas Lynley is off on his honeymoon so his partner Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers who was battered emotionally and physically in her last case is on her own And instead of taking the rest Lynley urged on her, Havers heads to Essex where a murder case is setting off racial tensions between English and the immigrant Pakistani community One involving her neighbors Azhar and his eight year old daughter Hiddayah And involving as well Emily Barlows, an up and coming Detective Inspector heading the case who Havers greatly admires.I did miss Lynley I think Havers and Lynley are at their best together I don t mean that in a shippy way, but that as characters I think they play off each other beautifully However, even when missing from the action, Lynley has a constant presence in Havers s mind, and it s even evident in this book than past ones he s had an influence on her that she s learned from him On the other hand, Lynley has some baggage the St Jameses and Helen Clyde and given I m none too fond of them, I did find it a bonus that Lynley s absence meant we didn t have to deal with them or the soap opera aspects they bring with them And I loved Haddiyah, and what she brings out in Havers The last 70 pages or so were suspenseful and moving and if you can be proud of a fictional character, well I m proud of Havers at the end She s come a long way from the character we met in A Great Deliverance.

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    Uno dei pi belli della George, con Havers protagonista mentre Linley in viaggio di nozze di un bel plot anglo pakistano L abilit della George nell intrecciare storie parallele al plot di base, con una passione, una cura dei dettagli, anche psicologici, fuori dal comune.

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    Ninth in the Inspector Lynley mystery series set in contemporary London.The StoryTommy and Helen have gotten married and are off on their honeymoon while Barbara has been ordered to take time off to heal after her injuries in In the Presence of the Enemy Lord, taking time off All that time with nothing to do but think so it s no surprise that Barbara jumps at the opportunity to follow Azhar and Hadiyyah when they must leave London to help with a family emergency.The CharactersI think Emily does Barbara a world of good in that Barbara finds that she is a good copper even if she doesn t yet realize it herself and that Emily is not all that I m curious as to where Barbara s friendship with Azhar and Hadiyyah will go after this.Emily is one of those insufferable women who can t tolerate anyone impinging on her turf although I can t blame her for her attitude toward her super what an ass I think part of what makes her so unappealing to me is how she allows her prejudices to dictate the case Nor do I do like her personal principles although I do admire her pursuit of life.Akram Malik is the father of Muhannad and Sahlah as well as the owner of a condiments factory and a member of the town council I may not like his plans for Sahlah, but he is a very decent man and proud of his efforts in integrating into the English community He s between a rock and a hard place in that he does want to be as English as possible while maintaining his Muslim faith at the factory and in his family, particularly in his family This is not fair on his daughter, Sahlah, as she is exposed to so much freedom in England and yet she is expected to accept the traditional role of a daughter with her arranged marriage and restricted movements Muhannad is a disgusting twerp whom I d love to strangle while his wife, Yumn, is even disgusting How the family tolerates her I do not know He s one of those agitators who use and abuse a situation manipulating it beyond what it really is He is such a hypocrite towards his family Actually, he rather deserves his wife Yumn What a piece of work I m not surprised her father was so eager to pay someone to take her off his hands Haytham Querashi is both to be admired and despised for his treatment of Sahlah although his religion does force it on both of them If anything, their situation is an excellent example of why tolerance is so very important in the world.I m impressed with Theodore s ability to withstand Agatha s single minded insatiable ego although it is definitely tempered by his cowardice towards Sahlah For myself, I would cheerfully strangle Agatha, the old cow.Then there s Rachel and Connie Winfield Poor Rachel Burdened by her facial features and a mother who never left her teens, Rachel s confidence and emotional development have not evolved I do like how Barbara approaches this in the story, a very growing moment for both.I m impressed with Theodore s ability to withstand Agatha s single minded insatiable ego although it is definitely tempered by his cowardice towards Sahlah Lastly, there s Gerry and Cliff Cliff s actions are a catalyst against Haytham And I can only hope that Gerry figures out what Cliff is up to as he deserves so much better than this shallow limpet My TakeIt s a complex story with many others stories interweaving within Barbara s Prejudice and racism rear their ugly, ugly heads and murdering greed steps in to boost an overweening ego I hate that it leaves us hanging wondering what happens with Sahlah and Theodore I do love the peek we get inside Muslim culture it s not a look at the religion per se but how the religion shapes their lives and outlooks The CoverI love the cover if only because it showcases Sahlah s jewelry work It makes me long for my own studio again.

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    Barbara Havers shines in this installment Lynley makes his presence known only in Barbara s actions as she channels his comments in her head Mr Azar, Barbara s London neighbor, is called away to a small seaside town for a family emergency Barbara follows when she discovers that the family emergency involves a potentially explosive situation revolving around racial prejudice She fears that Azar is in over her head She discovers that the DCI is her former classmate and friend who seconds her into investigative service Barbara hides her acquaintanceship with Azar which ultimately gets her in some trouble, but nothing like the trouble her doggedness in doing a job right gets her into This novel explores the rising tension between native Britons and a growing immigrant population It also explores Barbara s growing attraction to her Pakistani neighbor This one was very hard to put down.

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Deception on His Mind Balford Le Nez Is A Dying Seatown On The Coast Of Essex But When A Member Of The Town S Small But Growing Asian Community, A Pakistani Named Haytham Querashi, Is Found Dead Near Its Beach, His Neck Broken, Sleepy Balford Le Nez Ignites And Working Solo, Without Her Long Time Partner Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, Sergeant Barbara Havers Must Probe Not Only The Mind Of A Murderer And A Case Very Close To Her Own Heart, But The Terrible Price People Pay For Deceiving Othersand Themselves.