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    The story of a young woman who grow up in Iceland and Denmark and to a lesser extent North America in the post war period I wonder if it been written today if it wouldn t been classified as autobiographical fiction I loved her discussion throughout of the role of the story and the text, although I expect some readers might absolutely hate it One of the things I found especially interesting about The Prowler was the state of poverty in Iceland after WWII I shouldn t have been particularly surprised about this, as it was the case for all of Scandinavia, but somehow as the home of the Nordic Gods I d envisioned it differently.I think this is my favourite ...

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The Prowler (Fiction) A Powerful Postmodern Novel Combining The Elements Of A Psychological Thriller With The History Of A People Trapped By Landscape And Politics A Poetically Charged Text Prowls The Isolation And Heartbreak Of A Girl Growing Up In Iceland In The Post War Years, And Her Later Experiences As An Immigrant In North America What Emerges Is A Widening Mystery Of Origins In Which Every Word Becomes A Clue To The Unspoken.