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    An interesting book on the terrible plight of destitute children in 19th century England The word Victorian doesn t really fit, though most of what Duckworth writes about is from before Victoria took the throne Loads of primary sources are quoted here You learn about the social economic conditions that left children with pretty much no choice but to turn to crime, children being punished the same ways as adults fines, prison hulks, transportation, etc , a...

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Fagin's Children: Criminal Children in Victorian England Charles Dickens S Oliver Twist, With Fagin, Sykes, The Artful Dodger, And Children Trained As Pickpockets And Sent Out As Burglar S Accomplices, Provides An Unforgettable Fictional Image Of The Victorian Underworld Fagin S Children Is An Account Of The Reality Of Child Crime In 19th Century Britain And The Reaction Of The Authorities To It It Reveals Both The Poverty And Misery Of Many Children S Lives In The Growing Industrial Cities Of Britain And Of Changing Attitudes Toward The Problem.Inevitably Most Is Known About Children Who Were Arrested While Few Children Were Hanged After 1800, Their Treatment Ranged From Whipping To Imprisonment, Sometimes In The Hulks, And Transportation Increasingly, Elements Of Training And Reclamation Came Into A System Principally Aimed At Punishment Fagin S Children Is An Original And Important Contrihution Both To The History Of Victorian Crime And To The History Of Childhood.