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Fidget Quilts Quilters, Fabric Artists, And Others Will Enjoy The Ten Colorful Patterns For Fidget Quilts That Are Pictured In This Book The Mini Quilts Featured Contain Colorful Fabrics With Texture, Embellishments And Themes Detailed Options Are Presented For Anyone That Would Like To Make A Sensory Tactile Activity Mat For An Individual With Alzheimer S, Dementia Or Other Types Of Memory Loss Several No Sew Options Are Also Presented.

10 thoughts on “Fidget Quilts

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    Aimed to a novice quilter, this still had some good ideas for creating the tactile pieces of the quilt.

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    Not what i thought.I thought the quilts would be nicer or even pretty ill try something different Wish i could get a refund.

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    Fidget Quilts was disappointing Most of the quilts were very similar and not visually appealing The directions were very matter of fact read like a manual I would not recommend this book I would search Pinterest instead.

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    A good book full of ideas and pattern information.

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    Very interesting.Full of suggestions to build on I am well motivated by this book I bought a quilt for mum, but this book shows I can do better, and I will.

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    A Marvellous Book I discovered this book while searching for resources for Alzheimer s patients and caregivers My mother is a quilter and would love something like this She s not quite at the stage to need a fidget quilt, but will before too much longer Thank you for this excellent book

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