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Atlas of Ear Keloids Download Atlas Of Ear Keloids Author Michael H Tirgan Bandcamptomp3.co.uk FORWARD Keloids Are An Important Medical Problem Which Are Often Under Appreciated By The Medical Community Dr Michael Tirgan Has Spent Many Years Evaluating And Treating Patients With Keloids On Different Regions Of The Body The Atlas Of Ear Keloids Presents New Insights Into The Natural History Of Keloids And Provides A Perspective That Many Of The Standard Surgical Approaches May Actually Lead To Progression Of These Tumors On Ear He Presents Good Examples Of An Alternative Treatment With Cryotherapy That Has Convincingly Eliminated Some Of The Most Troublesome Keloids On Ear This Book Will Provide Valuable Information To Patients With Keloids On Ear And To Medical Professionals That Treat These Lesions JAMES G KRUEGER, M.D., PH.D Director, Milstein Medical Research Program Senior Attending Physician D Martin Carter Professor In Clinical Investigation Laboratory Of Investigative Dermatology The Rockefeller University New York

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