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    This, or Asterix and the Cauldron, is the very first Asterix book I read and I immediately became a fan This is one of the books where one of my favourite characters, Cacofonix the village bard, plays a central role As all Asterix aficionados know, opinion is divided as to his talents Cacofonix thinks he is a genius, everyone else thinks he is unspeakable.The fearsome Normans, who don t know the meaning of fear , come to the Gaulish coast to learn it to their chagrin they meet with Asterix s village of indomitable Gauls, who also don t know it Well, not everyone because Justforkix, the Chief s visiting nephew from Lutetia, is very much an expert in fear as far as the Normans are concerned So they kidnap him The only way to get the boy back alive is to teach the Normans the meaning of fear.The situation seems hopeless until C...

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    This graphic album was a great find from a pile of clearance books at National Book Store in Centrio There were a few other Asterix titles on sale but this was the only one was by it original creators Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo It was at half price off so it was very hard not to buy.Despite it being half price off, truth be told, I was hesitating to getting it It is not that I don t enjoy Franco Belgian comics, I enjoy Herge s Tintin and Peyo s Smurfs It was that the first few Asterix I read I didn t quite get the European style of humor But that changed with this volume.I thought the premise was idiotic, Vikings who wanted to know the meaning of fear They were not even called Vikings here but Normans and although Normans may be related to Vikings, they didn t settle in France a few centuries later Although since the word Norman actually means northman it was technically correct to refer to them here as Normans.Another plot involved the city kid that is Asterix s chief s nephew His father was worried that Justforkix was getting soft, sent him to Asterix s village to grow up a little.I was initially puzzled how this two plots would merge as the story ends but it does beautifully I thought it was corny at first but I en...

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    Asterix and the Normans Asterix, 9 , Ren Goscinny

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    My fav Asterix of all times 3

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    89 2019 RCGenre Graphic Novel

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    Resistance to modernism29 September 2012 Once again this entire adventure takes place in the little village we know so well One of Chief Vitalstatistix s nephews has been sent from Lutetia Paris out to Amorica to toughen him up, and as it turns out he comes across as one of those young people who do not understand the concept of work He arrives in a sporty chariot made in Milan, which made me think of the Ferarri and in a way brings the idea of the city life out to the country However, the album is than this because way up north in Scandanavia the Norsemen, who are the Normans, want to learn the meaning of fear so that they might be able to fly, so they jump in a boat and sail to a random place which happens to be this little village we know so well to find out all about fear There are quite a few jokes about Normans and conquests here, and a part of me when I read this album about ten years ago thought it was wrong However and I have not researched this I suspect that the Normans originally were Vikings that during the period of the Viking invasions, came and settled in the region known now as Normandy The Vikings actually did that quite a lot There was a period of English history when the Danes pretty much controlled a large chunk of central England which, at the time, was called the Dane Law Further, there are a number of jokes about how the Normans were not actually supposed to arrive for a few centuries yet Now, I understand that Asterix i...

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    Si mezclas galos, normandos e incluso romanos,la diversi n est asegurada.Muy entretenido.

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    La storia non avvincente, ma i normanni che vogliono essere terrorizzati perch non sanno che cos la paura e non desiderano passare da ignoranti sono memorabili Interessante l impatto culturale del giovane Menabotte sul provinciale villaggio gallico p...