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60 IS THE NEW 20 If You Re Sick To Death Of Hearing That 40 Is The New 30, 50 Is The New 40, And So On That Life For The Boomers Just Gets Better And Better That Growing Old Means Getting Fitter, Richer, And Having Sex Welcome We Are As One, As They Say.It S Time, I Think, For A Light Hearted, Tongue In Cheek Look At The Boomers By One Of Their Own I Try Not To Complain About Getting Older I Mean, Consider The Alternative, Right But, As Leonard Cohen So Aptly Put It, I Ache In The Places Where I Used To Play At The Risk Of Sounding Like A Whiner, Most Of Us Aren T As Rich As We Thought We D Be Well, Who Is But Still, Didn T Those Old Freedom 55 Ads Make You Think You D At Least Own A Sailboat By Now Even If, Like Me, You Re Terrified Of The Open Sea And What About Those Of Us Who Are Still Supporting Our Practically Grown Up Kids Come To Think Of It, There S Almost No Way To Talk About These Things Without Sounding Like A Whiner But I Ll Try.

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