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No Gravity PDF Epub No Gravity By Rudy Francisco Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In Honor Of National Poetry Month, During The Month Of April, Poets Across The Globe Participate In An Activity Called 30 For 30 It Involves Writing 1 Poem For Every Day Of The Month In 2015, Rudy Francisco Decided To Take On The Challenge After The Task Was Completed, He Published The Poems In The Form Of A Chapbook And Chose To Call It No Gravity.

10 thoughts on “No Gravity

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    Rudy Francisco is one of the most talented poets I have ever read Without question Read this book, STAT

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    Dear self,today, your laugh is awild flock of wind chimes.It exists the way happiness should,feral, loud, and allergic to apology.

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    I write best when I am either, falling in love, or falling apart.

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    I read this all in a matter of minutes Rudy Francisco will always be my favorite poet However, I m disappointed in this book I was expecting The poems where entirely too short I wish it were longer.

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    While Rudy Francisco s poetry is best enjoyed as the spoken word performances he is known for, the written form can still take your breath away Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with this brilliant young man s words.

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    Rudy being rudy. if you love the mans writing style it ll be a quick fix.

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    My only complaint is that I wish this had been longer Rudy Francisco s poetry is addicting, in the best possible way Off in search of of his work now

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    I m still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for I knew Rudy was amazing when I purchased this book for my school library I knew he spoke a different kind of language that each person could hear in their own way He s brilliant I m impressed ...

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    I recent discovered Rudy through Button Poetry video posts on Facebook, and I am SO excited to have found him His voice, his poetry is electric He s passionate about everything he writes You can hear it when he performs, you can read it on t...

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    I bought this book after devouring Helium which I received as a NetGalley ARC and adored Francisco s oeuvre is not long and I decided to purchase his other books After reading this book I can see how he has matu...

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