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    also printed as solo is it really necessary to travel halfway round the world to find the real you evie is a renowned cellist who has just left her husband jack she travels to new york where she has been booked to make an advert and also promote herself this enables her to meet her father who left home years ago and hides a secret of hers also to be with kate and ian as they follow thru on yet another expensive round of ivf but before she left london she had a stalker who sent her threatening letters the possibilities were endless but the police were powerless then they followed her to new york is breaking the rules and escaping from the past all it is cracked up to be what really spilt this for me was the characterisation of evie she came across as so shallow and one dimentional she was the last person i would want as a friend the characterisation of others was much better a few holes no mention what were the jobs of kate and ian kate was invited to bristol or christmas but no me...

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    It was called Atlantic Shift when I read it.

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    What a selfish, self absorbed person Eve was, fault so sorry for her poor husband Jack, she used him remorselessly.

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    At some point during this one I was so irked by the main character that I had to push myself to continue I do tend to dislike books in which I dislike the main character petty perhaps, but I feel like I m spending a certain amount of my time with these people, and would rather they be people I enjoy hanging...

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    The sixth book by Emly Barr that I ve read, of whom the Sisterhood and The Perfect Lie were my favorites so far The story is very simple really and I didn t like the fact that what is written on the back as introduction, is not what actually happens I think that the main character is a very selfish person and at times I just wanted to put the book away because I was so frustrated about the way she manipulates people Even though I didn t like the main character and the st...

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    I love Emily Barrs books, this one was just as good as the others, I just couldn t put it down, and for the first time in a long time i have sat on the sofa and read a book, it has been so effortless to read the book Evie at first the fact she was a muscian put me off because I wasn t really interes...

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    Evie was one of the most obnoxious characters I ve ever met in a book, even though while we read we start to understand why she s like that and redeems herself a little But much had still to change by the end of the book In any case, as usual Emily Barr writes a very fast paced story, i...

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    Evie Silver is a rather unlikeable main character that decides to ditch her boring Husband for adventure and excitement and ends up finding herself somewhere very different indeed With a big secret to h...

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    DNF I gave up about halfway through when she view spoiler went to her soon to be ex husband s place, displaced his girlfriend, and then didn t even care how much I was manipulating him, I just didn t want to be alone or som...

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Solo: A Novel Read Solo A Novel By Emily Barr Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Librarian Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN 0452285364.Evie Silverman Appears To Have It All A Semi Celebrity In The British Tabloids, She S Known As Much For Her Fabulous Sense Of Style As For Her Rising Reputation As A Pop Classical Musician But This Self Made Diva Is Getting Restless, Growing Dissatisfied With Both Her Stale Marriage And Her Shallow Career An Extended Trip To New York Seems To Be Just What She Needs, But Evie S Problems In London Make The Transatlantic Journey With Her The Demands Of The Media On An Emerging Pop Starlet, The Threats Of A Determined Stalker, And A Secret That Could Ruin Not Only Her Image But All Of The Relationships She Holds Dear.