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Alexander of Aphrodisias PDF Alexander Of Aphrodisias Jonathan Barnes Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Alexander Of Aphrodisias, Who Flourished C 200AD, Was The Leading Peripatetic Philosopher Of His Age Most Of His Philosophical Energies Were Spent In Commenting Upon Aristotle His Commentary On The Prior Analytics Remains One Of The Most Thorough And Helpful Guides To This Difficult Work In Addition, The Commentary Preserves Invaluable Information About Various Aspects Of Stoic Logic, And It Also Presents A Picture Of Categorical Syllogistic At A Turning Point In Its Historical Development This Volume Contains A Translation Of The First Third Of The Commentary The Part Dealing With Non Modal Syllogistic The Translation Is Preceded By A Substantial Introduction Which Discusses Alexander S Place In The Commentatorial Tradition And His Use Of Logical Terminology The Book Is Completed By A Translation Of The Pertinent Part Of The Prior Analytics, A Summary Account Of Categorical Syllogistic, And A Set Of Indexes.