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    I almost squealed with delight when I saw this book in the library No, I had never heard of it nor anyone had ever recommended it to me But what made me happy was that this book was written by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins Till I read this book , I had no clue that they were colleagues or even friends The novella tells the story of a the crew and passengers on the ship The Golden Mary that is sailing towards the Californian coast There is a motley group of passengers a man looking out to make money in the gold rush, an estranged fianc , a mother and her child heading to meet the father The ship is tragically struck by an ice berg and sinks Luckily all the crew and passengers are moved safely to two life boats.The people though alive are far from safety as they float stranded on the open sea with minimum food and water between them.Apart from the captain and the first mate , through whose eyes the story is told , an extremely important character is Golden Lucy She is the only child on board and everyone s favorite She presents purity and happiness when the ship was afloat and hope and spirit when survivors hung between life and death in the lifeboats.Dickens brings out interesting aspects of human behavior under this severe living condition and creates vivid characters in such short story telling One of the steps the survivors take to keep their spirits alive as days pass by without the sign of another ship , is to tell each ot...

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    Very brief and very scintillating This fast paced narrative could be a Canterbury Tale on the high seas After all, stories are told and songs sung to pass the time This could be a parable all that glistens is not gold, but some golds are priceless A shipwreck allows time to magnify loose threads in characters who are cast outside the usual regime of society And, like a Pied Piper, Captain Ravender encourages the passengers to find courage and hope within So interesting th...

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    Its quite an odd story this one It s not really a full novel and not really a complete story, but simply an account of a small period in time namely a ship wreck.The first half of the book is written by the Captain of a ship, commissioned to travel to California during the gold rush But when the ship hits an iceberg it becomes a tale of rescue as the passengers and crew fight for survival out at sea.The reason the rating for this book is so low is simply because it s so short and a little incomplete but I actually really liked it Not because its a good story but because its a good account of maritime actions at the time The Captain gives a good account of his past which shows him working up the ranks Whilst on the ship he goes into some detail about the workings of the ship and the requirements of the crew, and after the wreck there is lots of detail about...

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    I do like Dickensbut I had trouble with this storyand will need to reread this to figure out what I missed I couldn t determine if they were still drifting at the conclusion

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    2.5 stars rounded up to three.Read in this compilation A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Classics This story is another victim of the travesty explained here.I ll give a better review of this when I read the rest of this story which isn t included in the book I have, nor is it in The Gutenberg Project file.This seems incomplete, but I don t know what parts are missing I think four or five short stories told by the people in the life boat were omitted, and I sure hope the ending is missing as well because it ain t much of an ending view spoiler The captain is dying of starvation, but we know he survives it...

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    This is a short novella with what appears to have no ending I m trying to figure out if what I read is the full story or if I somehow didn t download the whole thing.

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    This Dickens story had endearing characters and was quite suspenseful, but I was disappointed to find that it really had no ending.

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    Dickens, Charles The Wreck of the Golden Mary 1856.There is a lot we don t know about this 40 page novella about a ship that hits an iceberg off Cape Horn and leaves its crew and passengers stranded in a couple of small boats It was first published as a Christmas supplement in Household Words as a collaborative project between Dickens and Wilkie Collins, but we don t really know much else about its genesis How much Dickens and how much Collins is anybody s guess It seems incomplete Was it meant to be as we see it, or was there a frame story that got cut for space There are two diaries, putatively written by the Captain and the First Mate Does that mean they both survived, or are they voices from the grave Is the story appropriate for a Christmas issue There is certainly not much Christmas cheer in it There is an unusual m...

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    The Wreck of the Golden Mary is a short collection of 6 connected short stories and 1 poem written by 6 different authors Together, these formed the main part of the Christmas 1856 issue of the magazine Household Words , which was edited by Dickens at this time The common theme is centred on the good ship Golden Mary, which sinks during an overnight collision with an iceberg en route to California, forcing the crew and passengers to take to the boats Most of the stories are those told by the survivors to each other to keep themselves occupied, whilst the wreck and its aftermath form the start and end of the book Whilst there is a mixture of styles, it works well overall in its ow...

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    Here we have another fine example of Dickens writing style In this short story it was superb, exceptionally vivid, in part, you felt like you were there on the boats with the passengers and felt for their suffering Over a period of time and due to the numerous books already read by Dickens, he seems to have predominantly used his large novels as a critique of society, corruption and social issues at the time Whereupon his short er stories seems to have a completely different feel to them, predo...

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Wreck of the Golden Mary PDF Epub Wreck Of The Golden Mary Author Charles Dickens Bystricepodhostynem.eu Ingeniously Conceived And Brilliantly Rendered, And Set Against The Backdrop Of The California Gold Rush, The Wreck Of The Golden Mary Is A Masterpiece Of Victorian Storytelling En Route To Making Their Fortunes, The Passengers Of The Golden Mary Suffer A Terrifying Ordeal When Their Vessel Collides With An Iceberg Now The Helpless Victims Of A Shipwreck, They Turn To The Restorative Powers Of Storytelling In A Desperate Attempt To Raise Morale As Each Takes Their Turn, From The Captain To The First Mate, The Dickensian Figures Of Miser And Murderer, Orphan And Ghost, Are Brought Onboard With Most Remarkable Effect Charles Dickens Is One Of England S Most Important Literary Figures His Works Enjoyed Enormous Success In His Day And Are Still Among The Most Popular Classics Of All Time.