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Unreality Battlelab PDF Epub Unreality Battlelab Author Emily White Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The Zone Pioneers Are Ready To Start Training Right After They Get Back From Settling A Few Grudges What Could Be Simpler Than Stopping World War 4 Amanda Harp Was Back Home She Had Some Things To Settle With Her Boy Friend And The Russian Base In Kentucky.Constance Carter Had It All Figured Out Just Buy Some Anti Missile Lasers And Stash Them In Ancient Australia She Wasn T Expecting To Meet Anything But A Kangaroo.Eric Marsh Needed Some Magic Lessons And The Place To Learn Turned Out To Be The Roman Empire His Friends Ended Up In The Arena Fighting Lions And They Could Be The Lucky Ones.Anton Wulf Agreed To Help Save America, And All He Wanted In Return Were Some Vintage Comic Books The Americans Had Other Ideas First He Had To Escape From The Unreality Battlelab Itself.Talks To Self Was Making Friends Everywhere, Including The Animal Kingdom But Would Talking To Lions Help In The Coliseum Of The Three Temples Rose The Teen Aged Sea Scorpion Wasn T Sure Which Was Worse Captured By The Romans And Made To Fight Bears, Or Disguised By The Bluespring Academy Glee Club Decorating Committee At Least The Bears Fought Fair.The Six Were Supposed To Help Rescue Those In Need In The Strange World They Were Just Supposed To Follow The Rules Maybe That S Why The Zone Pioneer Guides, The Tech Cops, The Unreality Battlelab And Even The County Sheriff Were All Trying To Take Them Down And They Hadn T Even Met The Russians Yet.Unreality Battlelab Is The Third In A Series Of Heavily Illustrated, Reasonably Priced Original Science Fiction Novels By Respected Non Fiction Author Donald Saxman.Read The Whole Series Book 1 Strange World Sure, Most People Knew About The Mysterious Doors That Allowed Travel To Parallel Universes Even If They Thought They Were Just Myth Or Science Fiction Or Reserved For The Elite And Powerful But Today The Stories Become Real For A Chosen Few Would You Open The Door Book 2 Zone Pioneers The Half Moon Hexagon Is Only Two Days Old And They Ve Already Gone Rogue What S A Little Horse Rustling And Grand Theft Jet Belt When Balanced Against Nuclear War Book 3 Unreality Battlelab The Scientists And Soldiers At The Unreality Battlelab Thought They Knew What Was Going On In Strange World The Half Moon Hexagon Is About To Set Them Straight If They Can Survive The Roman Coliseum.Book 4 Battle Of Mammoth Cave Once The Spetsnaz Got Access To Weapons From Strange World, They Figured It Was Only A Matter Of Time Until America Fell The Zone Pioneers Protect Their Home Realities, But Can They Beat A Whole Country Book 5 Treasure Ball Some People Play Treasure Ball For The Prizes Some Play For Fame And Glory Some Just Play For Fun The Half Moon Hex And The Castle Hex Play For Custody Of A Russian Atomic Bomb And The Very Future Of The Strange World.