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Epic Calling (The Magi Saga #1) KINDLE Epic Calling The Magi Saga 1 Author Andrew Dobell Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Archons Dark Ancient Gods, Once Our Cruel Masters, Who Slumber In Shadow, Now Begin To Stir The Magi Ordinary People With An Extraordinary Gift, The Ability To Weave Magic And Miracles Since The Time Of The Dark Gods, The Magi Have Fought Amongst Themselves A War Between Those Who Fight The Archons, And Those Who Serve Them Now, A 2000 Year Old Prophecy Of One Woman, A Magi, Who Would Fight The Archons And Save Us All, May Be Fulfilled, By The Most Unlikely Of Girls Amanda S Life Has Never Been Easy Raised In An Orphanage With No Knowledge Of Her Parents And Few Friends, She Ran Away To New York As A Teenager Expecting Her Dreams To Come True Although She Makes A Few Good Friends, She Ends Up Selling Herself On The Street In Order To Survive When Her Best Friend Is Diagnosed With Advanced AIDS, Amanda S World Begins To Fall Apart Soon Amanda Will Find Out She Is The Heir To A Magical Legacy And The One Hope For Us All With Dark Forces Wanting Her Dead, Mysteries And Enemies All About Her And The Lives Of Innocents In The Balance, Will She Be Able To Rise To The Challenge Little Does She Know That Events Are Already Under Way That Might Make That Decision For Her MAGI EPIC CALLING, Book One In The MAGI SAGA.

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    Interesting twist on the paranormalI decided to read this book after the Bob s Bar short story collection It is interesting, fast paced at times and does a good job of bringing emotions and realism into play.While I do not agree with the Magi s non belief in God, I completely agree that those of the Inquisition did not act as Christ s followers should with love So, I am totally fine that they take out the bad guy...

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    Magi Dawn is an EXCELLENT story with an interesting and different take on magic and the people gifted in its use in an urban fantasy setting The pace of the book is very good with enough detail to make understanding what is happening easy to follow without slowing down the narrative The characters are intriguing with the usual assortment of protagonists you take to and villains you love to hate This is definitely one of the better Urban Fantasy series to come out in recent years.Magi Dawn is the first book in the Magi series by Andrew Dobell and is actually a complete re write of Epic Calling Epic Calling is a lot longer with a very large amount of infinite detail, extensive character development and intricate back story detail The author felt the need to revisit his first book and the result is a very streamlined, compelling and hard to put down story with a cracking ...

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    The worst entertaining book I ve ever readThe author managed to pull off something I have not seen before He told a good story that kept my attention despite unbelievably bad grammar in virtually every sentence in the book I wondered as I read through the gratuitous sexual and sadomasochistic parts of the book if the author was projecting I enjoyed the story and the two dimensional characters and I hope the following books get better I wonder if this was his first...

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    Some where between a 3 and a 4 for me here I really like Amanda, she is an interesting character with strengths and flaws, and a generally fun attitude, that I first read about in the Bob s Bar anthologies The story started a bit slow for me, but after about a quarter of the way through it picked up nicely and kept me engaged A number of protagonists and antagonists in the support cast, but don t see enough of t...

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    What an AWESOME story if you exclude the grammar and spelling errors I liked that Amanda Page got her dream of going to New York, but I didn t like what a seventeen year old orphan had to do in the Big Apple to survive I loved her loyalty to her friend and I was proud that once she knew WHAT she was that she embraced it with both feet never thinking that she was losing her mind Book one is filled with twists, murder, and new beginnings as evil forces will fight tooth and nail to get a centuries ...

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    Exciting Blend of Magic and Kick AssAs with any first book its hard to draw the reader in but Andrew does this very well, this is his first big work now that i have read as normally it s from an anthology and i know of his great covers for other b...

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    Very Enjoyable Very much and enjoyable read and a great introduction to the series I really liked the main character and the side characters as well, looking forward to reading book two.

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    Good story and mountains of magicLots going on in this first book Lots of magic interesting characters Sort of a new take on magic that is intriguing Looking forward to the next book.

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    Intriguing I found Amanda s story to be rather interesting and the world seems like it might be interesting to visit So I will be starting the next book soon.

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    Love itI am so glad I found this series So much happening and to come Can t wait for the next one to come out