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Dawn of a New Day Ebook Dawn Of A New Day Author Michael Rader Eiyo.us In A Post Apocalyptic World Where Ninetynine Percent Of The Human Populace Was Turned Into Flesh Eating Monsters In A Single Day, A Small Group Of Survivors Try Desperately To Stay Alive While Protecting A Child That Is Suppose To Bring Hope To A Dying World In Episode 2 Our Survivors Are Rescued From Certain Doom By U.S Military Forces Who Were Searching For The Baby Dawn Are They The Friends They Claim To Be Or Are Their Plans Sinister In Intent The Companions Make New Friends And Discover New Threats Far Dangerous Than The Decaying Undead Many Questions From Episode One Will Be Answered And Many Will Arise As The Misterious Advententure Continues To Unfold Please Rate The Series And Comment On How I M Doing You Can Also E Mail Me At Writerscramps Live.com