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Remember This Dream PDF Epub Remember This Dream Author Harold Gershowitz Oaklandjobs.co.uk A Riviting Family Saga That Captures The Turbulence Of The Times Through Two World Wars The Cruel Currents Of History Separates Sisters Anna And Dvoyra As Anna Appelavitch Flees With Her Three Daughters To America While Dvoyra And Her Family Are Trapped In Pre World War One Poland For Nearly Half A Century And Half A World Apart, Clinging To The Dram That Someday They Will Be Reunited, Both Families Summon Astonishing Courage In The Face Of Great Adversity Anna In The Grip Of Relentless Poverty In The New World, And Dvoyra Amid The Horrors Of Anti Semitism, War And Captivity Untimately, Their Most Heart Felt Dream Of Freedom Will Be Fulfilled In The Lives Of Their Children The Saga Encompasses War Between Nations And Between The Oppressed And Their Oppressors This Story Is Not Only Rich In History But Also In The Way In Which History Impacts On The Lives Of Ordinary People Who Rise Up To Face Extraordinary Challenge America Sings In This Heart Wrenchring, Yet Heart Warming Saga.

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    This imaginative narrative tells an ANYMAN or woman story of families caught in the turmoil of a particular time in our history It illustrates the hardships suffered not only by those left behind in Europe and caught up in the inescapable web of Nazism, but also demonstrates the depressing and impoverished circumstances of those who escaped the brutality of a war machine only to be subjected to a different sort of callousness in their new land In both tales, persistence, love of family...

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    Very good, it could also be very real The story does a real good job of illustrating the personal side of the time periods it covers.

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    Tells the story of two sisters from a Polish Jewish family one of whom emigrated to America while the other stayed in Poland as two World Wars raged across Europe.

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    Many teardrops have stained this book.

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