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Kingdoms of Camelot - Ultimate Strategy Guide Read Kingdoms Of Camelot Ultimate Strategy Guide Colin McNulty Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Hints, Tips, Strategies, Secrets And Cheats From Close To A Year Of Playing Knights Of Camelot Battle For The North From A 1 Rank Player In A 1 Ranked Alliance.How To Play So Well Your Competitors Will Think You Re Cheating, Whilst Spending A Fraction Or None Of The Cash Top Players Spend.Written In An Easy Access FAQ Format, These Are The Questions You Ll Find Answers To How To Grow Troops Without Being Food Limited Which Is The Best City To Make Your Parking Slot Which Structures To Upgrade To Level 10 How To Use Your Best Knight S Level In Than One Place Which Is Better, One L9 Barracks Or Two L1 Barracks How Many Barracks And Cottages To Have In A City What S The Best Tax Rate When To Get Your Second City What To Prioritise When Building Which Resource Buildings To Build And When What S A Bank When To Come Out Of Beginner S Protection How To Not Get Attacked Why Do People Attack When They Have Nothing To Gain When S The Only Time You Should Use Speed Ups For Building Research Which Troops Are The Best To Attack With What S Better Cheap, Medium, Or Expensive Troops Why Do People Build Lots Of Militiamen Which Wall Defences Are The Best To Build What S The Fastest Way To Build Might How To Check If Someone Is Hiding Their Troops Before You Attack How To Check If Someone Is Online When Is The Best Time To Attack Someone, To Minimise The Risk Of Reinforcements When Is The Best Time To Retaliate Against Your Attacker Should You Hide Your Troops Or Defend Your Wall How Not To Get Zeroed, Even If Your Cites Are Levelled And All Your Walls And Troops There Are Killed How To Stop Someone Farming You How To Ask Someone To Stop Farming You What S The Best Way To Deal With Someone Flipping Your Wilds How To Get A 212 Level Knight How Many Gems To Buy How To Get Gems Without Buying Them How To Gain 100 M Resources A Day, For An Hour S Effort How To Attack 60 People Per Hour, Without Losing Any Troops What S The Secret To Long Term Success My Fall From The 1 Spot Hmmm, Upgrades New Most Money Spent Winner How To Get Your Next City What Should Your Next City Do How To Build Your City Fast BUG OR CHEAT The Building That Gives You A Bonus It S Not Supposed To Buy Today If You Want To Leap Up The Might Ranks And Pass Your Friends And Of Course Your Enemies