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    As the author wrote, and I paraphrase, some will love the book and others will be glad it s done.I loved the book I don t need to retell the plot because, well, there s already a description for the book.I ve never understood the need for people to rehash what is already written All I know is that it s the perfect length Why It s a One Shot It s meant ...

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    This book tells the story of an old man who recalls the horrors of a nazi concentration camp when he was a child to three intruders and how a force wrapped in rags tattered man helped him escape The three house invaders attack him and his family and the tattered man steps in again It is a parallel incident of the evils of people separated by many years and different places.The problem with this story is that it is to short This short graphic novel story islike a first issue instead of This book tells the story of an old man who recalls t...

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