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    For years I avoided Shakespeare in Love, mostly because I find Gwyneth Paltrow insufferable I finally watched the film earlier this year, and over a decade after everyone else, I get why this film was such a big deal It s beautiful and smart and funny and all of the best of what Hollywood aspires to be Heck, the film is so good it even balances out the insufferability that is the Paltrow This might be the best I ve ever seen her although she didn t deserve an Academy Award, and Fiennes and Firth were robbed for not even getting nominations, but I digress.Given how much goes on within the film and the layers within the dialogue I decided to read the script And I wasn t disappointed It s lovely Beyond lovely Reading Shakespeare in Love allowed me to focus entirely on the words, on the complex turns of phrases and the nimble asides and it s simply beautiful The costumes, the acting, and the cinematography all of those breathe life in the film But the script is, on its own, a wonderful, brilliant piece of literature worthy of attention Highly recommended.

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    The pre shooting screenplay from the Academy Award winning film.Book Review At first glance the published screenplay for Shakespeare in Love is a throw away movie tie in, worth no than a bemused chuckle But on reading especially while watching the film I mix the two media here , it s an eye opening learning experience for any prospective actor, screenwriter, or director It s fascinating to see what was changed, dropped or added, between writing and filming Some improvements, some missed bets For someone who loves the movie yes, me , the screenplay adds a whole other level of subtlety, showing just how intelligent the writing, how sharp the humor both high and low , how clever the whole conception Shakespeare in Love is the perfect definition of what literature in film should be Set in the London of 1593, the star bedazzled cast presents Will Shakespeare as he desperately seeks love, his muse, and to complete his latest work, Romeo and Ethel the Pirate s Daughter The script is full of in jokes the you know of Shakespeare and his time, the you ll get from the movie Lines from his great plays are strewn throughout the dialog We meet Kit Marlowe an uncredited Rupert Everett, never handsome , a young and vicious John Webster, a Lord Wessex Thomas Hardy, anyone We see the immortal playwright, a skull on his shelf, practicing his signature, writing sonnets, visiting his shrink Since we know so little of him, the comedic imagining of Shakespeare rings true with only a little suspension of disbelief He is humanized in Shakespeare in Love, given a credible life and personality that compels the reader to keep reading and the viewer to keep watching , even while knowing how it all must come out The audience roots him on Shakespeare writes his great romantic tragedy scene by scene, even as the play is being rehearsed, the rehearsal of the growing play mirroring the budding romance between Shakespeare and Viola, his love and muse There is ample humor, adequate swashbuckling, and just enough bawdiness to fit the times The film s sets, score, and costumes are immaculate, the whole generously textured with perfect detail The actors, both leads and supporting, are uniformly brilliant, and Judi Dench even so as Queen Elizabeth In the end this intertwined romantic comedy and tragedy reveals the power and beauty to be found in Shakespeare, and convincingly argues why we continue to read and watch his work after so many centuries Even the question of authorship of the plays is answered Shakespeare in Love is an incredible script and a vital film for anyone who appreciates, or wants to appreciate, the genius of William Shakespeare How did they make this virtually perfect movie I don t know It s a mystery.

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    This is my second time to read a screenplay after Alfred Hitchcock s Dial M for Murder Reading screenplays can be tricky especially after seeing the piece, but sometimes it can turn into magical experience, filled with wonders, moans and souls of the characters.Marc Norman s screenplay is without a doubt funny most enchanting, most romantic, and best written tales ever spun from the vast legend of Shakespeare.it can t be compared but the original wonder itself Romeo and Juliet.The original text of course gave me pain compared to the modern but it was bless of agony nevertheless.An epic drama with a sweet dulcet touch of comedy a true literature my dear lord The I give to thee,The I have, for both are infinite Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide.Thou desperate pilot, now at once run onThe dashing rocks thy seasick, weary bark.Here s to my love A glooming peace this morning with it brings.The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.Go hence, to have talk of these sad things.Some shall be pardoned, and some punish d.For never was a story of woeThan this of Juliet and her Romeo.

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    This was a good screenplay, although a little hard to follow at some parts If nothing else it has interested me in watching the film I am glad I finally got it off my to read list as I have owned it for close to ten years now Overall enjoyable.

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    This screenplay is almost as charming as the film The story construction is easier to spot here in the screenplay Very smart work.

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    SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE 2 hours 17 minutes The language used in this screenplay is rather powerful in demonstrating the emotion of love while also making allusions to Shakespearean writing Shakespeare In Love isn t just a film that you fast forward through on VHS cassette tape to see Gwyneth Paltrow s bosoms Italics are used to describe scenes.There is a typo on page 38 intotwo VO voiceover cont d continued Some of the few film directions include INSERT MANUSCRIPT , ANGLE ON WILL, DISSOLVE.An apothecary is someone who prepares and sells medicine and drugs Polaxed is English slang Presented chronologically are unique words and phrases used throughout the entirety of the script apologies if some are repeats Pinioned, the mathematical genius with a notebook , infrequent intervals, haranguing, apothecary, hubbub, idiosyncratic, sweetmeat, coarsely, intermittently, dumbly , tankards, aghast, sovereign, brooding, factotum, lustily, nimbly, twice as firmly , moving trancelike, insinuated, entranced, affably, anaesthetic, parapet, candelabra, glowers, a girlier voice now , vainly, grimly, sober interest, letter poem, drowsily, demurely, born again theatre groupie, royal routs, gallantly, vortex, throng, gratuitously, venomously, titter, scatters of applause, vertical, copulation, sheaf, astride, rouses, pig swill, stave, rapiers, fray, engulf, barbershop quartet of actors, stone cold sober, horror stricken, stagnant, demented, sidesaddle, catatonic, bedraggled, ravaged, paralysed, sobered, murmurs, appaled, octavo size, planking, peephole, agony, bewildered, dumbstruck, triumphantly , berserk, polaxed, sock to the jaw, attitudes of despair or worse, sober faced, tankard, flintstock pistol, paste pot, entourage, extricates, inexorably, furtive, sheepish, audacious, luckily in an aisle seat, cowering, rapt, fever of nervousness, transfixed, recoil, arresting eye, inconspicuous, gaggle Other examples of unique descriptive language include Hawkers are crying their wares, tract sellers, delivery boys, and merchants go about their business 6 in other words he reminds us of Hamlet 14 ROSALINE is big breasted, dark eyed, dark haired, sexual 14 Elsewhere is LORD WESSEX, our villain WESSEX is in his forties, dark, cruel, self important 19 replaced by a beanpole of a man 32 WILL emerges from the theatre into a street throbbing with nefarious life whores, cutpurses, hawkers, urchins, tract sellers, riffraff of all kinds in an area of stews lowdown pubs , brothers and slums 36 Her hair tumbles down about her shoulders, so we will call her VIOLA again 37 He turns to blood Love at first sight, no doubt about it VIOLA has not seen him She is doing a daughter s duty among her parents friends The guests form up to begin a changing partners dance the very same one you get in every ROMEO and JULIET 42 WILL tries to speak but the silver tongue won t work He is dumb with adoration 44 WILL is burning midnight oil literally and metaphorically His quill has already covered a dozen sheets He is inspired 47 As he goes, we see that VIOLA is love struck by him, a riot in the heart 58 He kisses here with passion that ceremony 60 WILL finds the loose end and spins her naked 69 nice She is winning 71 His life has turned perfect 73 They lose themselves for a fraction of a moment 75 Clearly, this stuff is a cut above the normal 81 SAM exits i.e enters to us through the curtain 85 In a moment they are in world of their own 101 The place is already crowded with WHORES and CUSTOMERS It s a party 103 An awful lot of drink has gone down 105 The church is empty, but for the demented, grieving figure of SHAKESPEARE, kneeling, praying, weeping, banging his head, in his private purgatory, dimly lit by tallow candles, gazed upon by effigies of the dead and images of his Redeemer He is wet, bedraggled, weeds and leaves in his hair 108 Will is a spectral, bedraggled figure, backlit by a great shaft of light, he would look like a ghost at the best of times, and this is the worst 110 But after a few moments it is definitely lovemaking 116 Bu now, her loosened bosom bandage has been pulled away and WILL passionately embraces her nakedness 117 and now it becomes a parody of the Hamlet duel 119 rigid as a pole 124 Some of them are cloaked and hooded, slumming incognito 131 As WILL embraces her, VIOLA s eyes flicker open shielded by WILL from the audience and the lovers look at each other for a moment as WILL and VIOLA rather than as ROMEO and JULIET Their eyes are wet with tears 143 THE END

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    I m starting in on rehearsals for this now and honestly This show is really funny Yes, be pretentious and talk about how clever it is and why it won the oscar blah blah blah For me, the best parts of the play are when it s making fun of the genre it s built upon, and it does plenty of that if you let it.

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    The screenplay to the critically acclaimed film which New York Newsday called one of the funniest, most enchanting, most romantic, and best written tales ever spun from the vast legend of Shakespeare

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    Hilarious Better than the film.

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    Funny romantic story written in screenplay form I found it a quick read but would like the original story better I think.

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Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay The Screenplay To The Critically Acclaimed Film Which New York Newsday Called One Of The Funniest, Most Enchanting, Most Romantic, And Best Written Tales Ever Spun From The Vast Legend Of Shakespeare Marc Norman And Renowned Dramatist, Tom Stoppard Have Created The Best Screenplay Of The Year According To The Golden Globes And The New York Film Critics Circle.

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  • Shakespeare in Love: A Screenplay
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