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    I was attracted to this book primarily by the style of writing, which I found to be elegant and rather reserved I was drawn into the relationship between Henry and his rather unlikeable wife and his undeniable attraction to Elizabeth, whom he knew vaguely from his place of work When the plot took a dramatic turn, I was riveted, wanting to know what would happen to the people on the plane.Island of Heartache is a book about relationships but also about difficult m...

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    I enjoyed this novel from beginning to end It was well written and I enjoyed the characters immensely Easy to read, easy to follow the storyline, I highly recommend it for anyone who likes the genre, or even if you re not a fan of romance A great read

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    First off, this is not what i was expecting It s an idea we have all seen several times but what really makes this book stand out is the writing the way Sam Clark focuses on the emotions and reactions of the characters, in particular the tension that builds between the characters and none so than Henry and Christine, and Elizabeth Thankfully, he doesn t put too much detail into the de...

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    It s good to read your own books occasionally, if only to remind you what you ve written I did enjoy reading it again, and naturally, of course, I won t be rating it because I don t think it s right to do so.

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Island of Heartache The Relationship Between Henry Downing And His Wife, Christine, Was Suffering Due To Her Selfish Attitude And Her Reluctance To Accept His Work Responsibilities, Which Were Part Of This Job As Senior Production Manger This Was Exacerbated When Henry Told Her He Was To Lead A Team Of 14 On A Business Trip To America And Australia, And That It Would Be For At Least Two Months.One Of The Women In The Team Was Elizabeth, And Admin Officer Who Already Liked Henry, But Her Admiration Of Him Increased After Two Encounters Prior To Leaving On The Trip While At The Sister Company In New York, Henry And Elizabeth Found There Was Chemistry Between Them, Both Professional And Personal.During The Flight To Australia, The Privately Chartered Aircraft Encountered An Electrical Storm And Crashed In The Sea Near A Remote Island There Were 11 Survivors.Henry S Wife Meant Everything To Him She Was His Love, His Life, Despite Her Treatment Of Him With Tension And Dissention Between The Survivors, And A Growing Admiration Between Certain Individuals, Could Henry S Love Provide Him With The Strength And Staying Power To Remain Hopeful Of Rescue, And Faithful To His Wife.Island Of Heartache Is A Short Novel Of Approximately 53,000 Words