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The Bouviers The Bouviers Is An Intimate Account Of The Rise, Fall And Recovery Of One Family S Fortunes Of Eccentrics, Fabulous Successes And Scandalous Failure Revealed In A Novel Like Saga Spanning Two Centuries John H Davis, Himself A Bouvier And First Cousin Of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Writes An Intense Epic Of His Family S Triumphs And Tragedies From Humble Roots In Rural France, The Bouviers Have Become America S Royal Family, Headed By Jacqueline Onassis With John F Kennedy Jr As Crown Prince And Caroline As Princess.The Author Reveals His Family S Closely Held Secrets, Including The Inside Story Of Aristotle Onassis S Stormy Life With Jackie Kennedy, As Well As Other Private Indiscretions Beginning With The Struggles Of Michel Bouvier, A Soldier In Napoleon S Army, The Bouviers Continues Through Six Generations Among The Highlights Are Michel Bouvier, The Rough And Ready Patriarch Who Began As A Cabinet Maker In Philadelphia In 1815 And Amassed A Great Fortune In His Lifetime His Daughter Alexine, Who Was Abandoned At The Altar By A European Prince And Spent The Rest Of Her Life As A Devoutly Religious Spinster Emma Bouvier Drexel, Who Started A Civil Rights Movement That Resulted In 40 Million In Donations To Schools For Afro Americans And Indians M C Bouvier, Who Vastly Increased His Father S Fortune, Becoming One Of The Shrewdest Wall Street Financiers Of His Day And Katharine Drexel, The Nun Who Became America S Third Canonized Saint In The Third Generation, When The Bouviers Achieved Social Status And Respectability, John V Bouvier Jr., Sought To Enhance His Family S Bloodline By Crossbreeding With Allegedly Aristocratic Stock But He Watched His Once Proud Family Fall Apart When A Young Son Died Of Alcoholism, And His Elder Son Black Jack Bouvier Became A Reckless Playboy Then, In The 1960s With The Family S Fortunes On The Wane, Came Camelot And A New Beginning As Jacqueline Kennedy Ascended To The White House As First La

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    Honestly, this was an amazing read A Must Read The fact that history of Jacqueline Kennedy has Philadelphia roots is fabulous

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    Quite interesting book about an overrated family of questionable characters Skipped the lineage down to Major Jack Bouvier Sr., father of Jack Jr and granddad to Jack III Jackie s father , Bud, Edith, and the girl twins, one of whom, Maude, is the mother of the author Jack III was the lothario, Bud the hopeful hero who died a drunk, creating great remorse in the family Edith grew up cultivating her voice and appearance and never had to lift a finger to do anything else Married Phelan, biz partner of her dad, who separated from her in 1934 and divorced her in 46 The author portrays his mom and aunt as the angels of the saga and focuses the story a great deal on Jack III because of Jackie s popularity when the book was published 1969 Vivid and lucid descriptions of World War I Bud fought in Europe and how its end drastically changed morals and styles in the 20...

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