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Ascending Hearts Part Of The Tempting Tales Series.Rumors Of Treasure Have Long Sent Fortune Hunters Clambering Up A Magic Beanstalk To A Mysterious Castle In The Clouds Survivors Told Of An Evil Giant Who Guards The Gold With Savage Strength No Sane Man Would Dare Risk The Climb But Jack Has Nothing Left To Lose Shunned For His Evil Red Hair And Abandoned By His Cruel Lover, He S Desperate To Escape His Life.Rion Isn T A Giant, Only A Man Bearing The Burden Of Protecting His Family S Legacy It S A Lonely Existence, But He S Duty Bound Then Jack Appears, And Rion S World Changes After A Blazing Confrontation, Undeniable Lust Sparks Isolated In The Clouds, Jack And Rion Give In To Their Desire And Growing Connection Soon They Must Protect The Treasure And Each Other From A New Threat And They Have Everything To Lose A Romantica Erotic Romance From Ellora S Cave

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    4.5 I fucking loved this book stars This is the kind of fairy tale your parents told you when you were a child, the kind with ogres, villains, and heroes the kind where the hero finds True Love and maybe there s even a kiss So, yes, this is that kind of fairy tale But with sex LOTS of dirty, grunting, sweaty sex between Jack of the flaming red hair and Rion the not so giant giant who has to protect his castle from Outsiders below This is very much a twist on Jack and the Beanstock, a story I don t particularly like But Andrews and Blake s version Oh, YES, this one I like VERY MUCH This is an enemies to lovers story that s juicy, sweet, and suspenseful There s an edge of mystery and a beautiful romance between two men, each trapped in his own loneliness and misery Jack because he s shunned by the town, including his fa...

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    I gotta admit I was skeptical about this one I seldom read fantasy, but this book had two things in it s favor a GINGER and the authors I m glad I took a chance because this was such a clever take on Jack and the Bean S...

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    I really do love Fairy Tales, I always have This is a great interpretation of Jack and the Beanstalk, with some hot as shit, enemies to lovers, boy on boy lovin Good stuff.

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    This hurt my feelings A lot.I m not saying that s a bad thing but Jack s horrible life and past made me sad over and over and over again And because of that sad life, the loneliness, the ostracism it all drives him to desperate measures, hoping to find treasure high in the sky.This is an entirely ingenious new take on the classic fairy tale, and I was thoroughly entertained Andrews has yet to fail in b...

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    Really adorable gay retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk.

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    I liked it.It actually made me really sad at times How Jack was ostracised and Rion s isolation was kind of heart breaking The lapsed Catholic in me also picked up up on, what felt like, a lot religious undertones but I might just be reading too much into it Rion s life in particular felt very religious orderish and the people being afraid of the giant in the sky But again I might b...

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    4 StarsI ve always been a fan of the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, and out of some warped sense of protectiveness, I went into this story with my judgy pants on I often find that modern retellings of classic fairy tales can often be hit or miss for me as a reader However, in this particular instance, the creative liberties taken here and the original spark evident in the new storytelling, worked wonders for me I ve always considered Jack and the Beanstalk to be somewhat a coming of age story, about a young boy or man, depending on which version you re used to dealing with the effects of poverty, who is, often misguidedly, trying to do what is right by his mother In the original tale, Jack starts out as quite a gullible character and becomes rather greedy, repeatedly stealing treasure from the giant in the sky I was never really a fan of Jack as a character in any previous versions of this story, but I always loved the sense of adventure gained from his journey In this new and truly awesome revision, Jack is immediately likable He s a good man, who has been poorly treated by his family and ridiculed by strangers his entire life When he finally decides to brave climbing the treacherous beanstalk in the valley near his cottage he only does so in hopes to find enough treasure to pay off a debt owed He expects to face a giant at the top of the beanstalk, but what he finds instead changes his entire life Rion lives alone in a castle in ...

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    OMGDid I ever imagine Jack could fall in love with the giant and live happily ever after when I first read the book.Jack and the Beanstalk original fairytale.Did I like Jack falling in love with the Giant....

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