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    I began reading this book wondering why a mentor of mine suggested that I read it in the first place I began the first few pages with the attitude of yeah, yeah, yeahI know all this stuff alreadymy Mentor obviously has no clue who I am I kept reading, then the note taking beganbig time Hahahaoh the humility I thought I possessed.We have all heard the cliches before The ones like, we learn from our mistakes , etc Yet, do you have an action plan in place for truly learning and moving forward I didn t, but I do now Failing Forward is not a collection of simple minded cliches that only people in woo woo land will relate to Failing Forward is a fantastic read, which if you have the courage to admit your own failures in Lifeand you have themthen this book will assist you focus on the benefits of failures, moving along a path to ultimate success in your endeavors Just remember thisyou must be willing to accept responsibility for your own actions and take ownership of your failuresmeaning, stop blaming others If you insist on partying it up at the local Look at what Life has done to me ale house, then don t bother reading this book...

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    Some of my favorite quotes People are training for success when they should be training for failure Failure is far common than success poverty is prevalent than wealth and disappointment normal than arrival J Wallace Hamilton Many of life s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up Thomas A EdisonTo achieve your dreams, you must embrace adversity and make failure a part of your life If you are not failing, you are probably not moving forward Don t let your learning lead to knowledge Let your learning lead to action Jim Rohn By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail...

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    There are only two roads to take in life One is smooth and easy and anyone who wishes, will arrive shortly toit s destination mediocrity The second is hidden at first, and when exposed is frightening long and full of inconsistencies and obstacles The only reason one might walk this road is the potential unending rewards along the way and summits Two roads One promises a casual walk with little rewards, the other promises a long painful walk with amazing rewards As humans we would have wanted to invent an easy road with amazing rewards, but alas all of those Get Rich Quick , Get Love With A Step By Step Formula , Become Healthy With A Magical Pill provide nothingin the long run What then, is the way to preserve in the painful and rewarding road The answer is ATTITUDE.Failing Forward is a reintroduction book about this painful little thingcalled failure Why the most rewarding road is full of obstacles Why the road for achieving dreams is so inconsistent and long The answer is simple If you already had what it took to achieve whatyou want in life, then there is nothing anyone can teach you and youshould be satisfied But, if you desire things that are not in your reach, then you have a lot to learn The road of excellence is painful only if you believ...

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    Life is a series of outcomes Sometimes the outcome is what you want Great Figure out what you did right Sometimes the outcome is what you don t want Great Figure out what you did so you don t do it again Psychologist Simone CaruthersIt was my high school friend, Alein N., who introduced me to one of the world s finest motivational speaker, when he let me borrowed John C Maxwell s How to Become a Person of Influence Since then, I have been an avid fan of John C Maxwell, especially in his book on 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Before Christmas break started, I visited our university library to browse some books Fortunately, I came across John Maxwell s Failing Forward After a quick reading on its cover page, I immediately asked the library staff to list the book on my library card Once again, John C Maxwell never failed to amaze me The book provides practical lessons on how to make mistakes into stepping stones for success Maxwell made me realize that there are no mistakes, only lessons learned His book reveals the following major differences between Failing Backward and Failing Forward.For me, Failing Forward is a gem The book is very persuasive, insightful, and engaging by nature It provides practical questions at the end of each chapter, which could help your reflect deeply, and evaluate yourself This book is a ...

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    People are training for success when they should be training for failure Failure is far common than success poverty is prevalent than wealth and disappointment normal than arrival J Wallace HamiltonI am in a difficult stage in my life where I have potentially lost my life savings, so I desperately need to read books that deal with the feeling of failure.But this is was not the book for that One of the author s own personal anecdotes of failure is something like this He was a young preacher and every year a group votes for him I think it is parishioners or something, but I can t remember He expects to get all Yeses from a group of I think twenty or so people But, here is the awful thing that happened, he got ONE NO Oh no He felt devastated But his father talked to him, gave him some sage advice, and he turned that failure to an opportunity.What That s like someone having lost their child, attended a group get over their pa...