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Sub-Culture When Life Gets On Top, Delving Into A Sub Culture May Be Just What It Takes To Keep A Sinking Relationship AfloatFive Years After The Bumpy Start To Their Relationship, Noah And Pierce Have Settled Well Into Their Lives As A Happy Couple The Arrival Of A New Child Should Have Made Their Matrimonial Bliss Complete, But The Strain Of Raising A Baby And A Teenager, Combined With A Lot Of Pressure In Their Jobs, Is Beginning To Take Its Toll.In The Midst Of What Already Is A Potentially Explosive Situation, Noah S Younger Brother Jonah Comes To Stay With Them, Forcing Noah To Face The Issues He Still Has Regarding His Homophobic Parents And Adding To The Emotional Pressure He Is Under.When Noah Starts Behaving Oddly And Pierce Just Can T Seem To Put His Jealousy To Rest, The Cracks In Their Relationship Become Too Severe To Ignore Any Longer They Struggle To Keep Their Sinking Love Afloat But As Noah Craves The Comfort A Certain Sub Culture Can Offer, Pierce Finds Himself Wondering Just How Far He Is Willing To Step Out Of His Own Comfort Zone To Save Their Love.Reader Advisory Sub Culture Is The Sequel To Sub Mission And A Part Of Noah And Pierce S Story Is Also Featured In Re Submission Whilst Each Book Stands On Its Own, To Enjoy The Story In Full, It Is Recommended To Read The Books In The Order Of Release Sub Mission, Re Submission, Sub Culture

About the Author: Sage Marlowe

Sage is a multi published author of MM erotic romance novels and novellas and loves exploring the flavours of gay erotic fiction A willing slave to all the fascinating guys who keep queuing up and want their stories told, Sage can almost always be found cooking up the next hot story or daydreaming about new ways of rubbing sexy male bodies together to make the sparks fly.

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    3.5 star review by The Blogger Girls I really hesitated to read this one I am not a fan of children in my stories, let alone screaming babies But, as I already knew these characters from the first book in this series, I really wanted to see where things went Just about when I was about at my kid baby quota of tolerance, things turned around, and I m glad I stuck with it.It is now five years later, Noah and Pierce have a new baby in their family, which Noah wasn t completely on board about even though he loves the little guy The big issue here is that Noah is stressed out to the limit and is having trouble coping with it all He loves Pierce, but is just at his wit s end with everything He s keeping secrets from Pierce, and given his previous indiscretion, it is making Pierce very suspicious Noah turns to Francis for help once again It takes quite a while for the issues to all come to light, the secret to be let out of the bag and for these guys to be ready to help each other They aren t or haven t really ever been into the scene, but Noah finds peace in being flogged Pierce attempts to provide that for him, and they eventually reach a place where they are both comfortable.As I said, the beginning of this was a little rough for me, but the second half won me over The secret keeping and miscommunications almost became too much even for me, but these guys are far from perfect, and the end resul...

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    I enjoy to read a story that revisits a couple and allows us to see how the relationship has developed over time And this book is no exception It was great to see Noah and Pierce after five years.I was a bit doubtful when the story started with so much domesticity but I needn t have worried pretty quickly sex in the kitchen was on the agenda Although I must admit surprise that they were up for kitchen sex with a teenage daughter in the house as I haven t heard to too many kitchens with locks Noah and Pierce reach a turning point in their relationship Doubts and insecurities creep in There are secrets and lack of communication Once again I was surprised at Pierce s brother Francis involvement and the information he keeps from his brother Of course he knew It all made perfect sense Noah could have relied on Francis to keep his secret Pierce had never figured out whether it was the Dom or the psychologist in Francis who protected what was confided to him so fiercely Whichever part of him it was, he would never betray the trust put into him Not ever for the sake of saving a failing relationship And when it came to Noah s submission, I wanted Francis to back right off and let Pierce take the reins My only slight criticism and it is minor was the repeated use of nn nn in conversation For some reason it annoyed me Maybe bec...

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    is the link to my blog for my review on Sub Culture by Sage Marlowe It is a beautiful story that shows what love and perseverance will accomplish if you only love your partner enough to figure it out and changing thin...

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    Noah and Pierce five years later There are some issues cropping up and the biggest is lack of communication compounded by lack of sleep All of this almost causes Pierce to derail the whole thing Add into the mix a pre teen girl, infant, and long lost brother and its a wonder they sta...

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    I always like the idea of reading a Sage Marlowe novel As I scan the reviews and the author s blurb, the promise of things to come is usually a strong pull for me It sounds like just the kind of thing I m looking for and I go for it I want to love it Then comes the book in this case, Sub Culture.All is there as promised but what is omitted in the author s telling the tale often speaks loudly to me than what is recounted The segues are bold, in that they leap way too far ahead of where my simple mind is dwelling at the time, making me hope that what s skipped will be filled in later Usually it isn t and I have to settle for being told rather than being shown This is most evident in where this story picks up from the original introduction of the characters, Pierce and Noah, from book one, Sub Mission We re now plunged into a scene 5 years later with characters and circumstances squabbling, a screaming baby, unwanted visitor moving in, etc that are far different from those we left in book one and the leap comes as a bit of a shock I do understand, however, Ms Marlowe s need to create a starting point for the arc she wants to create and in that she succeeds Overall, eroticism here is held out like a carrot Even though the long awaited turnabout that Noah finally make...

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    Third book in the series and another book I have loved and totally devoured Three books in a week, that hasn t happened for some time What I loved about this book was the fact we got to see Noah Pierce some years later than in the last book, and see how both marriage and fatherhood has changed them It would ve been easy to make this a happy book, but it just wouldn t have worked for me Take busy careers, an impending transition for their daughter into teenager and then throw in a baby and you have a great mix of factors, any of which could cause friction and drama even in the most settled and happy of relationships.It seems that all is not well in the dynamic of our leading men, beneath the surface there are issues which threaten to tear them apart if they are not willing to fight tooth and nail to keep their love alive.I will be honest, I wanted to slap both of them at times, but for very different reasons Each of them brought out such strong emotions in me and that is because these characters have been SO well written and developed it makes them feel real Noah is hiding something, and I hate to say it, I kind guessed what it was but had to wait to find out that I was correct Also, I never lost faith in either of them to work through their demons and emerge a stronger couple.Sage has a way of pulling me inside his books and I am now itching for book 4 in this series and kinda wish I hadn t read these so quickly But the great ...

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    By now I m sure you all know I m a real Sage Marlowe fan I m slowly working my way through everything he s written because I just love his stories of real men in real situations Sage writes stories that are incredibly vivid, realistic and invoke the sorts of responses that a book should invoke By these I mean the lump in the throat, the flood of tears to eyes that have been touched by a tender moment and there s a lot of those , the clench of the heart when you realise one of the characters is in pain and of course, the tingle when you read a really hot and sexy, erotic scene between these two men and all the other wonderfully graphic images that Sage conjures up.All in all, this story of Pierce and Noah and their struggle to keep their family together and their love for each other alive, faced with Noah s secrets and his hidden ne...

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    This is the third in the Sub series by Sage Marlowe In this book, you ll see how a couple struggle with keeping their lives together How they raise their children, especially a very nice young lady, that I absolutely love 3 How they take turns at nights for their little baby boy How they feel betrayed with or without reason, I won t spoil it for you How they desperately want to make it works.This is the story of Noah and Pierce, several years after Sub Mission Butnot only.What I have to say is that anybody can find themselves in this book This is a story about real life couples No matter if you re gay, straight or whatever you feel you are This is necessarily a bit of your story if you are in couple Who doesn t fight Who doesn t have conflicts Who doesn t make what s in their power to make it works Every each of us does that.This is a universal story I felt that way for the other two too but especially...

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    Loved Noah

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    Fantastic again Loving that Noah and Pierce finally got thier needs figured out sexy, sweet, kinky loving, trusting HOT HOT HOT I am so loving these men, these stories

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