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    This author writes great dialogue, so all the conversations sound just like real people talking That s a real gift I love romantic suspense stories, and this one kept me guessing about who dunnit right up to the reveal at the very end I really appreciate not being able to figure out the m...

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    This one kept me up way too late last night reading it Lots of suspense, art theft, and characters that pop off the page What s not to love Hope this author has coming soon.

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Hidden Treasures The Owner Of A Trendy Seattle Art Gallery S World Is Set On End When Her Premiere Artist And Friend Is Stabbed And Left For Dead Just Days Before His Latest Showing Her Wealthy Father Hires A Gorgeous But Reluctant Private Investigator To Get To The Bottom Of Things And Keep An Eye On His Daughter In The Process But When The Couple Stumbles Onto An International Smuggling Ring, They Find Themselves Targeted By Thieves Willing To Kill For The Stolen Goods On The Run And With Time Running Out, The Duo Must Stay Alive And Work Together To Solve The Intricate Mystery They Will Have To Make Some Essential Choices, Choices That Just Might Change Both Of Their Lives Forever.