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Et velsignet barn Sommeren 1979 Skjer Det Noe Forferdelig P Den Vakre Og V Rbitte Ya Hammars I Stersj En Hvert R Har Halvs Strene Erika, Laura Og Molly Tilbrakt Sommeren Her Hos Sin Temperamentsfulle Far, Isak L Venstad De Tre Unge Jentene Inng R Skiftende Og Uforutsigbare Allianser Med Andre Sommergjester, Blant Annet Med Ragnar, Gutten Som Alltid L Per Og Som P Merkelig Vis Trekkes Mot Isak.Ingen Tar P Seg Skylden For Det Som Hender Denne Sommeren, Og Det Skal G Mer Enn Tjuefem R F R S Strene Vender Tilbake Til Ya, Denne Gangen For Bes Ke Sin Gamle Far.Et Velsignet Barn Utspiller Seg I Spenningsfeltene Mellom Skyld Og Forsoning, Mellom Erindring Og Glemsel, Og Er En Roman Med Kraftige Understr Mmer Av R Sensualisme Og Vold Individuelle Livsl P Virvles Sammen Til Skj Re Fellesskap Der Nesten Hvem Som Helst Kan Falle Utenfor, Bli Utst Tt Og Forfulgt Et Velsignet Barn Er En Rik Skildring Av Tre Kvinners Liv, Og Samtidig Et Sjeldent Vakkert Farsportrett B De N Del St Og Mt Linn Ullmann Skriver Med Assosiasjonskraft Og Dristighet, Drevet Fram Av Et Sterkt Fortellertemperament Og Et Skarpt Blikk For Det Utsatte Og Forsvarsl Se.I 2005 Ble Et Velsignet Barn Nominert Til Brageprisen I Kategorien For Skj Nnlitteratur For Voksne I 2008 Ble Et Velsignet Barn Utropt Som Den Beste Oversatte Romanen Det Ret I Den Britiske Avisen Independent.

About the Author: Linn Ullmann

Linn Ullmann is the daughter of actress, author and director Liv Ullmann and director and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman.She is a graduate of New York University, where she studied English literature She returned to Norway in 1990 to pursue a career in journalism Her first novel Before You Sleep was published in 1998 Her second novel, Stella Descending 2001 received glowing reviews Her third no

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    Let s always remember this moment Always No matter what happens, let s not forget that we lay here in this bed, all three of us, utterly alive and utterly still When I m older I want you to tell me about this night, how we lay here in bed close to one another and you sang the night away I know nothing of how my life will turn out, but whatever happens I w...

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    mtp at linn ullmann har skrevet boken vil jeg helst gi den 3 stjerner

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    Sometimes you can tell by the writing where the author of a books come from Is that just me Russian books often have that endless feeling, sad, slow, cruel and limitless British books are rainy come on, have you ever read a British book where rain hasn t been mentioned at least once This book is norwegian, and, well, I haven t read many Norwegian books yet, but I ve been to Norway, and this book certainly felt norwegian to me.Whatever that means.Wait, that means that is moves in a very direct, yet unhurried way That it leaves room for imagination and feelings without being emotional It s simply the story of three sisters on their way to visit their elderly father well, one of them anyway , expertly interwoven with flashbacks to the childhood of the sisters, and the events that shaped their family into what it is today I know, it sounds as if you ve read it a thousand times before, bu...

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    What does the author mean by and he was Isak s heel referring to Ragnar Glad the story comes full circle back to Erika and the snowy night Liked the sister s adult stories and some of the island stories, but the other island girls and the way Erika was when with ...

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    Mainly set on a Swedish island during consecutive summers of the narrators girlhoods Like peeking into a dollhouse Lovely descriptions, lovely writing A bit dark, despite the endless northern sun.

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    Most of this book takes place on a remote island in the Baltic Sea I really liked the writing which is very beautiful, very moody The characters are unique and kind of fascinating and the author moves the story to its inevitable crescendo in a skillful and engaging way.

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    It does feel like a meditative Swedish movie The language and imagery are hushed from massive snowfall but merciless in their dissection of how this distant father has caused this massive trauma in the family The Molly chapters are slightly weaker than the Erika and Laura ones and lean a little too hard into the narrative about Ragnar which wraps the book up slightly too neatly I would have preferred not knowing what happened to him, or some vagu...

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    I liked the way the novel was written from the perspective of the three sisters It was fascinating to see the way their memories overlapped or over wrote each other We saw how age can alter our view of events And the central act gained significance by its enormity never being overplayed It...

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    Puh, wie grausam k nnen Kinder sein, wenn sie einen ausschlie en wollen Drei Halbschwestern verbringen ihre Sommerferien bei ihrem Vater auf einer Insel in Schweden im Ferienhaus und treffen dort auf andere Kinder, die dort ebenso in Ferien sind Es passiert e...

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    Ledsamt men klarsynt

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