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Outlaws When The Salvation Of A Million Galaxies Is Threatened,one Human Will Stop At Nothing To Save His Daughter,and Punish Those Responsible.Captain Piper Ness And His Galileo Spaceship Crew Are Among The Most Notorious Outlaws, Criminals, Smugglers And Pirates In The Whole Galaxy The People Who Are On The IPF Interstellar Police Federation Most Wanted List.In Such A Cruel World, The Only Bright And Good Thing In Piper Ness S Life Is His Beautiful Daughter Amber, Whose Mother He Left After She Gave Birth To Amber, In Order To Protect Them From The Cruelty Of His World.When Amber Finds Herself In Danger That Can Have Disastrous Consequences For The Entire Galaxy, Her Father Will Do Anything To Save Her And Punish Those Who Are Responsible.

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