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Arriving Corinne Jeffery S Canadian Historical Fiction Trilogy, Understanding Ursula, Vividly Recreates The Pioneer World Of The Canadian Prairies With A Multitude Of Memorable Characters You Ll Lose Yourself Between The Pages As You Watch Them Struggle To Survive And Flourish, Always At The Mercy Of Mother Nature And The Ever Changing Seasons On The Unfettered Plains.On July 1, 1909, The Day After His Eighteenth Birthday, Gustav Werner Takes The Inaugural Ride On The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Between Melville And Regina, To Apply For A Homestead Grant At The Dominion Lands Office He Is Eager To Become The Most Thriving Homesteader In The Townships Of Neudorf And Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Set Aside For Gustav S People, The German Lutherans, By Sir Clifford Sifton In Canada S Last Best West Land Deal What He Doesn T Realize Is That Beyond Becoming A Man And A Landowner, Life As He Knows It Is About To Crumble From His Grasp Family Drama And Conflict Plague Gustav As He Learns English The Language That Sparks Hatred In His Staunchly Traditional Father, Christian And Discovers That His Parents Have Arranged His Marriage To Sixteen Year Old Amelia Schweitzer.

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    If you love family sagas, this first book in the Understanding Ursula trilogy will keep you engaged This is a very long, dense novel describing the original settlement of the extended Werner family, German speaking immigrants, in southern Saskatchewan There are several differences between this and the typical settler story Being a very traditional German family, the Werners avoid mingling with the English and thus keep their own cultural customs, such as arranged marriages The path to assimilation is a rocky one for the younger family members And their lifestyle is not romanticized in the least, as along with the happy family times are instances of mental illness, cruelty and abuse In other words, this is a novel filled with complex characters who grew and changed throughout My only small concern was that I found the dialogue somewhat formal, although I believe it was the author s intention to show that the characte...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I described it to a friend as Little House on the Prairie for grown ups While I found the dialogue quite stilted and formal, the story was compelling and hard to put down.In my mind s eye I pictured the Werner farm and house exactly like the one belonging to an aunt and uncle of mine Even though it was the 1970 s, they had no plumbing...

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    Where are the editors Stilted conversations every last time The story needs less words

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    This book has two things I love very much Drama and Canadian History I had a hard time putting this book down every night as I was drawn into the world of Gustav Werner and his German family Jeffery provided plenty of believable and enduring characters and plot surprises to ...

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    This is a great story I like that it is set in sask I also like that it is very true to life of what it was like in the early part of the 1900 s.

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    LOVED this book I have fallen in love with all of the author s wonderfully developed characters.

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