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Destined Tamani Looked At Her Gravely, And Reached Up To Tuck Her Hair Behind Her Ear.He Hesitated For An Instant, Then His Hands Found The Sides Of Her Face, Pulling Her To Him He Didn T Kiss Her, Just Held Her Face Close To His, Their Foreheads Resting Together, Their Noses Almost Touching.She Hated How Much It Felt Like Good Bye.Laurel Now Knows The Truth Yuki Is A Rare Winter Faerie, The Most Powerful And Deadly Of All, And Klea Plans To Use Her To Help Conquer And Destroy Avalon But Klea S Reach Extends Far Beyond One Wild Winter Faerie With Tamani, David, And Chelsea By Her Side, Laurel Prepares To Face What May Be Avalon S Final Days, In The Stunning Conclusion To The Wings Series.

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    FINAL RATING 4.55 STARS CATCHALL I ve been with this series since the beginning, and I told myself I d see it through So I have While it s had its ups and downs like any other series, I ve found it thoroughly enjoyable and this book provided a satisfactory and bittersweet final novel It also has Tamani, who practically makes up for any faults, but on that later I absolutely adored it THE HEROINE LAURELWhile I freely admit that I often find Laurel to be too self sacrificing and, at times, annoying, it s always been clear that she has a good heart Metaphorically speaking, of course She can be almost ridiculously reckless but at the same time I understand that she does it to protect the people she loves She s definitely grown from the beginning of the series and now to the end, and her maturity was especially remarkable in this novel Laurel certainly isn t a little girl any THE LOVE INTERESTS TAMANII do not make it any secret that I am Team Tamani I would follow that man faerie to the ends of the Earth He s just so freaking hot, and it is useless and pointless to deny it He s sweetly ...

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    OKAY SERIOUSLY wtf is she thinking 2012 she cuts us off on THE worst cliffhangar and then waits for 20394823484905840983405983 years in the booklover s mind to release the next one is she CRAZY BAHHHHHHHHHHH someone kill me now __ i m not quite sure if i m pro tam or david, because in the first two books i was PROPROPROPROOOO tam, but when she broke up with david and i saw how it affected him i kinda toppled, and now i m not sure WHO i want to win and it was a total bitch move for chelsea to move in on david as fast as she did and yuki is kind of tripping me out i can understand if they didn t know about her existing like if she was a spring or something, but if there was a friggin WINTER on the loose how in th...

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    Actual rating 1.5 starsOh, geez this is awkward I ve just finished Destined and can t find a single thing to say about it because it s not very memorable No wait It s all coming back to me now Mmmmmhmmmm Let me get my glasses for this one.Ah, that s better And yes, there will be spoilers.I ll be honest and admit that the Wings series has been of a guilty pleasure of mine It s not the best written book I ve ever read or the worst for that matter But it had a level of entertainment that kept me around till the end At least that s what I tell myself because as I dove into Destined I just couldn t help but think how incredibly boring it was And that greatly disappointed me since I was just looking for a light, fluffy read Instead I was left with a story cornier than a box of Kellogg s cereal So very, very corny So the plot is a simple one We all knew based on the ending of Illusions that Yuki would eventually escape with Klea and go after Avalon She also happens to have an entire army of trolls ready to bust the doors down That leaves David, Laurel, Tamani and Chelsea to race to Avalon and warn everyone Fantastic It was a fine beginning with promise Unfortunately, that promise died when we are introduced to the biggest cop out I ve read in a long time Jamison asks David to fight against the trolls using Excalibur It was truly a Disney movie moment I knew at that moment it could only go down hill from there David, with the...

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    P.S funny how you come back to some reviews and go I really felt like that I guess its the magic of books DBEFORE READING PRO TAM AHAHAHAHA m reading the book and cannot wait to see what happens in the end after reading MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS I sat their crying my eyes out my make up thanks to Ms Aprilynne Pike is messed up, my hair loose, my nose running and my eyes red I never thought I d feel so attached to this world of faeries and trolls but I feel like it s me who just went through all that and not Laurel In a way I wish she didn t put that letter in the end and just let us to believe David ended up with Chelsea CharactersAlthough Laurel had her good times and bad, I loved her in this and i am going to miss her She s loyal to her friends and doesn t hesitate to trust her friends when they want best for her She s grown into a calm and understanding person David, started to cry already his letter at the end is one of the most heartfelt, sad and beautiful letters ever written The feelings I felt were very overwhelming He s been brave and amazing and loyal in this book and he deserves the best, most respect out of the three high ...

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    whoooooo Finished That was awesome perfect ending.

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    This is one of the best conclusions to a series I loved the way it ended I loved how there was a happy ending but then some things about it were heartbreakingly sad If you have not read this series, or if you have started the series but didn t finish it, then I highly recommend you do.

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    Absolutely amazing The perfect ending The only bad part is that it had to end.

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    I read this one so quickly, oh my goodness This was a perfect ending I love Laurel and Tamani so much David really came into his own, Chelsea is my favourite character of the whole seriesit was just the best mixture of happy and sad, to really get your ...

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    2012 That s a joke That s got to be a joke I need to know who she picks Rah This is one love triangle that I adore and has really kept me guessing.Team Tam all the way

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    OMG MOREEEE D D D Sorry to disappoint every1, But I m pro david She should stay with him for a while and then after awhile end up with tam Either that or she should go back to the academy and meet some other guy On second thought, I like that The problem with tamani is that he is pushy and intense, u know He is the sole reason she is always forced to choose I don t blame him for jealousy or liking laurel, but I think he puts too much presure on herUPDATE OMG IT HAS A TITLE Hopefully the fact that it is called destined means that she is destined to end up with David I m SOOO pissed and SOOOO happy coz the fact that i...

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