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    Knowing something about my reading tastes, my friend Henrik was kind enough to offer me a review copy of this book and now it seems that I ll have the honor of being the first person to review it here on Goodreads I m guessing that I ll be the first of many even though it s often hard for small press publications to get the notice they deserve, I m hoping the quality of the contents and the built in appeal of this volume will make it an exception.I ve classified this as science fiction, because Hex Code, the title novella which makes up over 100 pages of the 177 page book is definitely that The rest of the contents, though, is varied one story is supernatural fiction, two are descriptive fiction, and there are also four short poems Besides the consistent high literary quality of the material here, the unifying thread is an examination of the dark side of the human soul and the somber aspects of modern social life But they re examined from the perspective of a vision that s itself fiercely moral even if the behavior of the characters often is anything but.As I often do, I read the shorter pieces first, and Hex Code last even though it s placed first in the book This ...

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    One of the finest works of literature ever struck off by the hand of mortal man.

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Hex Code and Others Where Does The Nightmare Begin And Reality End Chaos Is About To Take Over The World The Armies Of The Elder Gods And The Great Old Ones Are Ready For The Final, Epic Battle Can Darius And The Spectral Squadron Save Mankind From Certain Doom How Far Will Darius Go For The Sake Of Fame And Fortune Will He Risk The Loss Of A Friend Of His Sweetheart S Love Of His Honor Is He Willing To Risk The Existence Of Humankind One Of The World S Most Famous Horror Writers Is Dead, Leaving His Magnum Opus Unfinished A Dedicated Fan Is Planning To Finish The Epic No Price Is Too High What Malignant Spirit Is Curling Upward From His Whiskey Glass In The Wonderworld Amusement Park, Secrets Of The World S Most Ancient Mountains Start To Surface, And Not All The Screams In The Park Are Of Delight An Ivy Covered Hall On A Picturesque Campus Gives No Hint Of The Torments Visited Upon The Helpless Creatures Within Hex Code And Others Features A Novelette, Three Macabre Short Stories And Four Poems Written By John Mayer, A New, Exciting Writer In The Weird Tale And Pulp Fiction Tradition.John Mayer Is Also The Illustrator.ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Mayer Is Most Famous For Being The Boyhood Friend Of Someone Famous, Horror And Fantasy Writer Karl Edward Wagner They Both Tried Their Hands At Writing In High School, But Mayer, Discouraged By The Growing Collection Of Rejection Slips Than Was Wagner, Soon Found That He Was Just As Happy Illustrating His Friend S Tales Of Kane When Wagner S First Novel, Darkness Weaves, Was Published, He Persuaded His Editor To Include Mayer S Illustrations, His First Published Artwork And The First Depictions Of The Character For Which Wagner Was To Become Best Known.John Mayer Knows The Meaning Of Horror He Used To Be An Artist Horror Is Trying To Eke Out A Living In That Profession At Last He Has Freed Himself Of Art S Clinging Tendrils, Acquired A Registered Nurse S License, And Is Looking Forward To An Entirely New Way Of Life Hex Code And Others Is His First Publication Of Fiction Not In Comic Book Format.