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Manager 3.0 Millennials Have Begun Moving Into Management Positions Everywhere And Are Shaking Up The Workplace As They Go The Generation That Was Raised In An Age Of Instant Communication, Questioning Authority And Traditions, And Ritalin Has Begun Tearing Down The Corporate Ladder, Communicating On The Fly, And Bringing Play To Work But Even With All The Exciting Potential That Lies Ahead For These Creative, Bold Thinkers, It Will All Be For Not If They Cannot Effectively Bridge The Gap Between The Hierarchical Management Style Of Senior Executives And The Casual, Collaborative Approach Of Their Peers.In Manager 3.0, The First Ever Management Guide Written Exclusively For The Millennial Generation, Readers Will Learn How To Master Crucial Skills Such As Dealing With Difficult People, Delivering Constructive Feedback, And Making Tough Decisions While Gaining Insight Into The Four Generations Yes, Four Currently In The Workplace And How They Can Successfully Bring Out The Best In Each.Packed With Interviews And Examples From Companies Like Zappos, Groupon, Southwest Airlines, And Google, This Invaluable, One Of A Kind Resource Will Help These Promising New Managers Connect With And Encourage The Unique Talents Of The Generations Around Them, While Also Developing An Effective Leadership Style Of Their Own.

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    Review also posted at My Bookshelf is Ready.That photo basically sums up this book With the current state of the economy and sluggish job growth, many employers see it as a time when anyone should be happy to have a job at any wage they deem fit to give out I m not joking about this I used to do corporate recruiting and was asked by the vice president of the company why we were losing so many workers The number one reason people left We were low balling our employees and they were leaving for better paying jobs To this, the vice president angrily replied, They should be grateful to even have a job It is a typical attitude that pervades old management styles It s not illogical to try to squeeze the most out of your resources but when you demand so much out of your employees and give them very little in return for the actual work they do, you create a disparity that eventually comes back to bite you in the ass Take a look at the average job listing and you will find that a long list of qualifications among them a degree from a 4 year university and 2 5 years of experience in their field and a long laundry list of duties, all to receive a salary that is a couple dollars over the minimum wage These positions stay open or are reopened a sh...

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    Great book for Millennials looking to better understand the workplace and how best to operate among different generations While much of this was information I had heard before, this book does a very good job giving you the information you need in order to think differently about your environment I look at my peers differently, I understand those experienced than me, and I can actually look at my own upbringing and be...

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    As a millennial, I found this book a little insulting Not because I m a precious snowflake whose mom will demand I get a trophy for reading it, but because I just couldn t take the cutesy twitter style summaries at the end of each chapter belikesacagawea was silly and potentially offensive.The book is co authored by a boomer and millennial, but the book is written in the older man s manager s voice and his millennial report only appears as an object lesson.Many of the recommendations make good sense, but the packaging was too much to handle It would also ...

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    A must read for all professionals who are navigating the multi generational workplace with different mindsets Great quote to live by Its not good or bad, its just different

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    The topic of this book was not what I was expecting It has some good insights but seems to repeat itself a lot which slows down the reading process a bit All in all a quick skim with some in depth reading where you find it to be insightful would be the best approach to this book.

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    This is probably a super cool accessible readable book if you re a goddamn moron, but I kind of managed to put up with the first chapter and then skimmed a few other random pages before getting rid of it.

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    Very good to read especially if you are new to manager role but also for those who got teams for some time already will benefit of understanding better how successful learners operate and leads their teams.

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    Basic entry level manager information While some modern management methods a re e discussed, some traditional practices are also recommended,

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    Good advice but felt like most of it was things I ve heard before I enjoyed the descriptions of different generations and how they can work cohesively in the workplace together.

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    Highlights 1 When pointed in the right direction and given specific expectations and parameters, millennials work exceptionally hard When unsure about what to do or how to do it, millennials often will resort to inactivity 2 You re not telling them exactly what to do you re providing structure in which they can operate 3 Assertive AND nice 4 Establish your expectations right from the start Boundaries, direction, and something to shoot for 5 Draw a hard line on what is acceptable and what s not 6 Millennials are all about communication and feedback Communication is a key part of being transparent and collaborative two core values of your generation 7 Need To be taught how to think on your own.8 Feedback Questions 5 minutes for questions, wrap up, next actions so what s next Divvying up next actions right then so no one is confused stepping out of the meeting Let your team voice any questions or concerns, so everyone is onboard 9 Autonomy Have them create their own PUSH goals Share your organization, department, and team goals, and they can align their goals with the bigger picture Really encourage them to embrace something HAIRY Give them autonomy in how they do their jobs Giving this autonomy empowers your people to step up You can get a few important projects off your plate while rewarding your team 10 Stretch Project responsibility outside of a person s skill set it s going to make them stretch and push to ...