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    A beautiful ending to the series I m sad that it has to end I would really love to read about Max and his friends and their schemes and just watch them grow in their respective roles in the court of Camelot A must read series for children and adults who loves children s books.

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    Max Pendragon is receiving magical training from the great Merlin himself It is and endeavor to be rather proud of but Max is also dedicated He knows that he has to really concentrate and delve deep into the powerful stranglehold of Morgana Le Fay s sorcery and try his hardest to learn how to unravel her magic Matters are taking a dangerous turn for Morgana truly has a dark and devious plot up her goth sleeves this time She intends to use something called a Swordspell that will, once and for all, put an end to good King Arthur and his ru...

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    So this is it, the last one in the series and the toughest challenge yet Morgana is determined to get rid of Arthur once and for all so Max, Olivia, Merlin and friends must try to find a way to stop her, forever.With no idea what the Swordspell involves it s hard to make a plan, but once again they fall into mischief and end up in the middle of the plot This book wraps the series up nicely, I didn t think it was quite as exciting as the one before it Icespel...

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    It is the final tale in this enjoyable series and once Max needs to protect King Arthur from Morgana Le Fay but he doesn t have Merlin s help He sets of on a quest with his friends to use his wits, magic, and skills to save the King and destroy Morgana once and for all This was the perfect ending to this series It was still full of adventure and action, it has adults he...

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    The final story in the tales of Max and Olivia, and their toughest challenge yet.I m sorry they are over, I shall miss them.I ve read all four books in six days no mean feat for me As I said before, I d really like to see these turned into kids cartoons.The only little niggle I found the recaps a bit annoying and unnecessary But then again, I m nowhere near the...

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    The final part in a series aimed at younger readers Based on the myths about king Arthur, but with a twist, this will really appeal to the young audience, both boys and girls It is extremely funny with lots of action and strong characters A great lead in to deeper interpretations of the myths.

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    Best one of the series and a wonderful way to wrap things up I will definitely be recommending these to my son when he is older

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Swordspell Max And Olivia Have Discovered That Morgana Le Fay Is Plotting To Use A Mysterious Swordspell Against King Arthur At The Festival Of Chivalry.They Don T Know What The Spell Is Or How To Stop It, And Olivia Also Has Her Training For The Squire S Challenge To Worry About But Things Are Made Even Worse When Merlin Is Called Away Unexpectedly, Leaving Max And Olivia Without His Magical Protection.With The Help Of Sir Lancelot, Sir Bertram And Adolphus The Dragon, Ferocious The Rat And Vortigern The Duck, The Pendragon Children Must Quickly Uncover Morgana S Evil Plan, Before It Is Too Late For Arthur And Camelot.