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    2 1 2 starsThere s a reason I usually avoid reading books in a series back to back sometimes the basic storylines of the books are too similar and I get burned out In this case, it was worse the storylines weren t only similar, they were exactly the same What was new and interesting in the first book became repetitive and predictable in this second book, the only difference being the H h s names.Despite that, I m still interes...

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    Favorite Lines Where there was hope there was life A So he was hot So what So he made her body sit up and take notice So what He was just a man like any other He had to believe in her honesty, in her passion If it wasn t genuine, he was lost, because there was no way he could ever harm her My soul isn t up for grabs You might kill me but, as we both know, I m a survivor I won t make it easy for you She moved against him in a slow mating dance that sealed their love once and for all When they came it was together There was no huge explosion this time, but a flooding of rightness, a sense of belonging, of love that brought tears to her eyes Thank you, he whispered in her ear Thank you for giving him his life Man, this author continues to surprise me Her writing reaches so ething I side of me that very few authors can These warriors are proud, amazing, strong, and freaking yummy They have a loyalty that very few can have I will admit when I first found...

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    Wow This series is crazy The stories are fairly short, but from the moment the shifter is released, the action never stops Hades is always one step behind them, and time is running out Exciting, suspenseful and steamy Loving this series

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    I got off to a bad start with this Author and spent years avoiding reading her work because of it I am so glad I picked up another book by her, because so far I love the worlds she has created and I really like a lot of the characters My only nit with this story was the first sexy time came a little too rushed and unrealistic I felt as if it was put there per some form of writing formula, eg first sex scene must be in around the first 30% of the story Because given the situation, and how...

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    Heavy sighI think I there could be a great story here, it just missed the mark The first half of the book was , I ve been drugged I m hallucinating I m dreaming The first book in the series, Night of the Tiger was really good this book is just a miss mash of a suppo...

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    2.5 stars for mesame as the firstrepetitivegreat concept..not so great execution

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    4.5 Stars Absolutely loved this book Admittedly, in it s basic form, this story follows the same or at least a very similar plot that Night of the Tiger had, just with different people I still, however, enjoyed it because N.J Waters does a good job still making the story it s own with a new character.If you didn t guess already or read the synopsis , Kellsie Morris the famous horror actress is the leading lady in this book She s a pretty cool gal though I was absolutely frustrated at how stubborn she was about denying Marko s explanation about everything I can t condemn her as much as I d like to As the book points out, we live in a world where technology and science has gone so far that we believe in these magical mythical explanations that were once ancient society s logical reasoning for everything Though she was stubborn than Aimee was about believing, she came to terms about her feelings for Marko a bit faster than Aimee did for Roric at least I think she did, I can t remember too clearly every single detail from the last book X.Overall, I d say this book is worth the read If you ve read the first book and liked it, you ll probably like this one too unless you hate books that are predictable and sort of repeat itself although these 2 qualities are only apparent if you remember what happened in the first book If you re new to the series, I d say it s worth the read If you love fantasy romance novels with sexy domi...

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    NJ, seriously It had to end like that I am so dying for the next book to be out now This was another great read This series is quickly turning into a favorite for me It s unique and interesting The story just sucks you right in and if you re like I was, you won t come back out until you ve read the very last page.Once again I LOVED the two main characters There s always something really special about NJ s characters that instantly makes me fall in love with them and I think Kelsie may be my very favorite heroine of hers I mean, she s the freaking scream queen Very cool But then again I m a horror movie nut, so she s extra interesting to me And Marko, well let s just say there is something VERY appealing about a big cuddly bear that turns into and equally big hunky guy Best of both if you ask me I really like the other characters too It was nice to get to see Aimee and Roric again I can t wait to see who is next and I m kind of exc...

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    Stars 4Overall Hades is at it again and this time he has it in for Scream Queen Kellsie Morris I loved this book a bit than the first one The story was ingenious because the author took it to another level in the horror and love aspect I also really liked the way the bear claw and Kellsie s tattoo was integrated to the story For me it made Marko and Kellsie relationship connected and it felt a lot real My only problem is that they have 24 hours to fall in love with each other I feel like maybe a week would ve been a little ...

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Mark of the Bear (Hades Carnival, #2) When The Devil Wants A Deal, There S No Bowing Out Gracefully At Twenty Nine, Hollywood Scream Queen Kellsie Morris Is Acutely Aware The Clock Is Ticking On Her Career Luckily, The One Big Role She Needs To Pad Her Retirement Fund Has Just Come Through The Story Of An Immortal, Shape Shifting Warrior Trapped In A Carnival Run By The Devil S Minions.When Kellsie Arrives On Set, She Can T Resist Climbing Aboard An Amazingly Realistic Carousel Bear And Finds Herself Flung Into A World Where The Horror Is Real As Real As The Heat Radiating Off The Half Naked Hunk In Her Arms.Marko Has Waited An Eternity For The Chance To Free His Goddess, The Lady Of The Beasts, And His Fellow Warriors From An Ancient Curse But Once He Lays Eyes On Kellsie, He Knows To The Bottom Of His Soul That His Purpose Is To Protect Her Life.But In This Hellish Game, It S The Devil S Move And There S No Predicting When And Where The Final, Brutal Stroke Will Fall And Which Lover Will Pay The Ultimate Price.Warning This Book Contains A Heroine Who S A Screamer In And Out Of Bed And A Warrior Who Gives A Whole New Meaning To Method After Reading, Please Use Caution When Standing Up Your Knees May Be Weak.

  • ebook
  • 339 pages
  • Mark of the Bear (Hades Carnival, #2)
  • N.J. Walters
  • English
  • 12 September 2019
  • 9781619214354

About the Author: N.J. Walters

Once upon a time N.J had the idea that she would like to quit her job at the bookstore, sell everything she owned, leave her hometown, and write romance novels in a place where no one knew her And she did Two years later, she went back to the bookstore and her hometown and settled in for another seven years.One day she gave notice at her job on a Friday morning On Sunday afternoon, she receive