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    Thomas Brown has been one of the lead researchers on ADHD for many years He currently has his own clinic in southern California, where he s now affiliated with USC Before that, he was at Yale Medical school for twenty years or so.So, definitely an expert.That said, this book like his slightly older one is a little unclear on who the audience is If you think you have ADHD, or have just been diagnosed, or have a friend or loved one with it, and you want to know what this is about, this might not be the best book It doesn t really spend time on what it feels like to be inside that mind, although of course that can be inferred from the text I haven t read it, but I m told one highly thought of book like that is Driven to Distraction Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood I haven t read that one, so I can t say much I wanted to know the science behind the disorder, and Brown seemed a good candidate I ll add this note Russell Barkley is even renowned, but came a little late to the ADHD in adults party, and I wasn t interested in his slow cognitive tempo work, so I stuck with Brown But Russell A BarkleyBarkley has got a lot of books to peruse as well And as far as a scientific overview, this is a very good book So I d say a good target audience might be a healthcare worker or even psychologist who doesn t deal directly with ADHD, but wants to u...

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    I think this is like my third of forth book from the publishing company Studentlitteratur yep, I read it in Swedish And I must say, I ve been lucky not having read after five years of studying since this publishing company is great at publishing dry texts Okay, I m not sure it is due to them being that way or the fact that none of the books have had anything to do with my major Mostly generic books about why science and competence is good and how it can be used, you know, something every student can read no matter what This book was sort of in between I did not read it for school, my friend who is a newly examined psychologist was reading it and recommended it to me It is of a book for people studying and working with ADHD than for those who have it if you are not both of course but since I am used to the academic language and read a lot, she figured I could handle it A lot of terms related to epidemiology, although the difference is that I have an advanced degree in Infectious disease epidemiology and this, being ADHD, was non communicable But it is quite similar, at least in terms of terminology So, a lot of chapters were pretty dry, just citing science and research But ...

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    I read this through in one sitting I appreciated the emphasis on debunking the persistent myths of ADHD, and looking at it as an impairment of executive functioning rather than behaviors to overcome It was grounded in extensively studying the research, so I felt it presented a truthful look I found it helpful in expanding my understanding of the complexities of the disorder, the shift in thinking that has occurred over time, what to look for expect from treatment and th...

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    While very much a text book, easy to understand ideas and well laid out format Interested to learn from Thomas E Brown on ADHD and executive functioning.

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    This book may be of limited interest to those who are do not deal regularly with people with ADHD, but if you happen to fall to the category of someone who has to interact with persons with ADHD, whether professionally as an educator or therapist, or as a parent, I will just say that this is the best book I have ver read on the subject The book summarizes the research on ADHD that has been undertaken in the last decade and posits that the condition at least in children should be viewed as developmental delay in the executive functioning capacity of the brain organization, memory, impulse control, attention, focus, etc The book also reviews the success rate of various treatment regimens and concludes no doubt to the horror of many parents that the single most effective treatment for ADHD is medication Apart from the wealth of knowledge the book imparts, the approach and viewpoint of the author...

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    I stumbled upon Thomas Brown s A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults while trying to research about my son s inattentive ADD While this book tends to concentrate on ADHD as a whole, there are bits and pieces of the book that concentrate on the issues particular to inattentive ADD that I have never seen before I was particularly drawn to discussions of brain differentiation between typically developing children and ADHD individuals there are defined and measurable differences in the prefrontal cortex and many other areas of the brain Also, Brown describes ADHD as a developmental difference, in that often there is a delay in brain maturation when compared to typically developing individuals He verified what I have been reading lately, that inattentive ADD individuals may struggle a lot with middle school, high school, and college but in later years they are sometimes able to come back to school and do academically what they could not do in their younger years This...

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    Very good, dense little book summarizing the most recent research and thinking on adhd.

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A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults For Over 100 Years, ADHD Has Been Seen As Essentially A Behavior Disorder Recent Scientific Research Has Developed A New Paradigm Which Recognizes ADHD As A Developmental Disorder Of The Cognitive Management System Of The Brain, Its Executive Functions This Cutting Edge Book Pulls Together Key Ideas Of This New Understanding Of ADHD, Explaining Them And Describing In Understandable Language Scientific Research That Supports This New Model It Addresses Questions Like Why Can Those With ADHD Focus Very Well On Some Tasks While Having Great Difficulty In Focusing On Other Tasks They Recognize As Important How Does Brain Development And Functioning Of Persons With ADHD Differ From Others How Do Impairments Of ADHD Change From Childhood Through Adolescence And In Adulthood What Treatments Help To Improve ADHD Impairments How Do They Work Are They Safe Why Do Those With ADHD Have Additional Emotional, Cognitive, And Learning Disorders Often Than Most Others What Commonly Held Assumptions About ADHD Have Now Been Proven Wrong By Scientific Research Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, And Other Medical And Mental Health Professionals, As Well As Those Affected By ADHD And Their Families, Will Find This To Be Am Insightful And Invaluable Resource.

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults
  • Thomas E. Brown
  • 07 February 2017
  • 9780415814249

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults book, this is one of the most wanted Thomas E. Brown author readers around the world.