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    I don t usually read comics, but I do have a few exceptions to that rule, Christensen s Arne Anka, Kellerman s Rocky and Pirinen For a while, these guys were accompanied by two Norweigian artists Lise Myhre and Frode verli drawing the soccer loving Pondus Somehow, these two faded from my mind, though and later tries always fell flat Nemi is a same time naive and quite knowledgeable and frank goth metal chick that s fighting society s demands on her to gro...

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    Nemi is a Norwegian comic strip, written and drawn by Lise Myhre.Nemi is a tough girl with an attitude, is not afraid to speak her mind and often than not in confrontational ways blunt rejections of would be one night stands at the pub are not uncommon At the same time, she can be very sensitive she is apparently incapable of killing anything, including spiders, of which she is very fond She can also feel very alone at times She is afraid of growing up, and loathes blonde bimbos viz cartoon in which she insinuates that Tim is nothing than a replaceable penis for his new blonde bimbo girlfriend Her fear of growing up is reflected in her appeal to readers through her child like qualities and innocence, as well as her sense of fun wikipedia She is a goth, who loves chocolate and dragons, and she is just like the rest o...

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    Always love Nemi I find her funny and relatable D I am also rating the other 3 volumes of Nemi as 5 stars D

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    I first came across Nemi a lot of years ago when I was living in Sweden, and rather fell in love with the comic strip She s a Norwegian goth who doesn t want to grow up and her head is full of dragons and fantasy and films She loves her chocolate She doesn t take any crap from people Wonderful I came across this compilation in English and thought I would give it a go It is all the same wonderful Nemi ness, but it s wierd reading her in English Plus she is from Norway, not London I can understand why the translators might...

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    BD Tr s dr le, crite sous forme de courts sketchs Nemi est tr s attachante et franchement barr e Perso je la trouve plus m talleuse que goth, mais ce n est que mon point de vue et cela ne change pas grand chose de toute mani re Je pense par contre que certains gags sont u...

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    Funny, relatable and awesomely drawn.

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    This is the comic that made me learn Norwegian, and this book collects a lot of the strips from that period Still holds up.

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    Celkem dobr , ob as fakt hodn vtipn situace, ale t ch p r chyb j c ch hv zdi ek si budu je t et it.

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    Den f rsta strippsamlingen p svenska med norska serieskaparen Lises h rdrockande Nemi Samlingen har ett f rord av Charlie Christensen Arne Ankas fader och en av Lises inspirationsk llor och Christensens influens m rks av, framf r allt i den sista av de tv lite l ngre ber ttelser som finns med i slutet av samlingen den n r Nemi skall r dda julen Annars r jag kluven Materialet i den h r samlingen r fortfarande svart vitt, vilket fungerar utm rkt med tonen, men det tar ett tag innan Lise hittar sin Nemi ordentligt rent visuellt Basdragen finns d r fr n b rjan men sofistikeringen v xer med tiden Det som st r mig ordentligt r dock vers ttningen fr n norska till svenska Till stora delar har ber ttelsen flyttats fr n Oslo antar jag till Stockholm, men de flesta tidningsframsidor r kvar p norska Dessutom k nns en del svenska referenser, ...

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Enhjørninger og avsagde hagler (Nemi, #1) Meet Nemi Montoya, The Vegetarian, Cynical Romantic, Hilariously Honest Twenty Something Goth, In This Brand New Collection From Artist Lise Myhre Hang Out In The Pub With Nemi And Her Friends, Including Her Flatmate, The Blue Haired Cyan Hear Her Opinions On Romance And Dating Watch Her Watch TV In Her Untidy Flat Learn How She Feels About Birch Trees, Spiders And Blondes And Generally Experience The Highs And Lows Of Being Nemi In The Modern World A Superstar In Her Native Norway Thanks To The Immense Success Of Nemi Also Reprinted In The 1.12 Million Circulation UK Metro Newspaper You Too Can Enter Lise Myhre S Witty, Wonderful World