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10 thoughts on “Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers [with MyEducationLab Access Code]

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    If you ve spent than 2 3 months in a classroom and feel like you re drowning, this may be a good book for you if you want someone to lead you step by step through claim management However, I read this book after doing my student teaching and after substitute teaching in a school for 5 months I feel like the hands on experience taught me the princip...

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    This is a fluid, easy to read text to be implemented in my upcoming 400 level classroom management course It flows well from chapter to chapter and the authors do a good job of offering vignettes for discussion and a variety of activities for students to complete at the end of each chapter The major criticism I have is that I think they brush over some issues without offering a thorough discussion ex classroom management problems caused by technology or use of technology...

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    A better title Classroom Micro Management for Middle and High School Teachers.While I am all over Chapter Nine, and while other chapters offer glimpses of the student led, democratic, empowering, and constructivist pedagogy I am honing for my own classroom, Emmer and Evertson have problems with classroom management that I simply can t see as problems Who cares if my students all use the same heading, and if they align their papers with the left hand corner of their desk when completed Who cares if my students are a few seconds late, especially when so much can be going on to keep them from taking their seats, shutting up, and following my orders Who cares if supportive discipline and conferences take time, if they ll help avoid the dehumanizing effects of a detention slip Who cares if collaborative learning inhibits my ability to micromanage individual students, when my lesson plans should be engaging enough to limit obstructive behaviors Why would you ever make grading and discipline a public affair just to maintain order, when other chapters and basic human decency suggest quieter, private conversations on behavior and expectations Issues aside, everything tied to positive behavior supports, teacher student conferenci...

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    I read this book as part of a 30 graduate class in Education Psychology and I really like the information and case studies it shared It primarily focuses on middle grades which is exactly where I am Even though I do most of these things with 7 years in the profession, I al...

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    A light read A lot of the information is good and helpful, but some of it just seemed like common sense.

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    Awesome classroom management book Wish this had been included in my management class at state

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    Pretty dry Lots of micromanagement Read this for a post masters class Might be helpful to first time teachers.

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