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11 Laws of Likability We All Know That Networking Is Important, And That Forming Relationships With Others Is A Vital Part Of Success But Sometimes It Seems Like Networking Removes All Emotions From The Equation And Focuses Only On Immediate Goalsawhereas The Kind Of Relationships That Have True Staying Power, Give Us Joy, And Support Us In The Long Run Are Founded On Simply Liking Each Other This Book, Featuring Activities, Self Assessment Quizzes, And Real Life Anecdotes From Professional And Social Settings, Shows Readers How To Identify WhatAEs Likable In Themselves And Create Honest, Authentic Interactions That Become Owinso For All Parties Involved Readers Will Discover How To O Start Conversations And Keep Them Going With Ease O Convert Acquaintances Into Friends O Uncover PeopleAEs Preferences And Tweak Their Own Personal Style To Enable Engaging, Reciprocal Interactions O Create Follow Up And Stay In OthersAE Minds Long After The Initial Meeting The Worst Thing We Can Do When Trying To Establish A Personal Bond With Someone Is To Come Across As Manipulative Or Self Serving Authentic Connections Go Much Deeperuand Feel Much Easieruthan Trying To Hit Self Imposed Business Card Collection Quotas This Book Presents A New Paradigm That Shows How Even The Most Networking Averse Can Networkaand Like It.

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    Quick review for a quick read Michelle Tillis Lederman s The 11 Laws of Likability was a valuable read for me on a collective note, with some caveats I really like reading business and productivity oriented literature, so this book was right up my alley when I requested it as a galley back in 2011 I recently came back to it as I was perusing books in the category and I really enjoyed the fact that not only the concepts of each law were spelled out, but accompanied by practical issues that she observed with her clientele There were parts of it I didn t like as much for the side commentary as it proved distracting and sometimes judgmental could ve done without the judgmental comment about the 70s disco queen style of the woman she observed and the odd statement about her belly rolls , but I knew it was supposed to be an example of loving yourself no matter what you look like I just wish that could ve been better presented Nonetheless, I found myself making positive associations that I could use in my own productivity and self efficacy in the workplace It s inspiring and thorough, yet remains a quick read to pick up.For the 11 Laws themselves, they are as follows 1 The Law of Authenticity being and a...

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    How can you network effectively Be likable.And while that may seem a bit flip, it really is the key As Lederman says, People do business with people they like If you are not likable and reliable, people will find someone else to do business with.The good news you can learn how to be likable, how to make your likability visible and apparent to others, and Lederman provides a nifty little primer for getting started And she starts with a personal revelation Some years back, when she was giving a presentation to students on, amongst other things, making sure every professional interaction has a clear purpose or goal, she asked them what they thought her purpose in that presentation was and one student said, You want us to like you In the moment, she thought to was a ridiculous answer of course she wasn t concerned about being liked The comment stuck with her, though, and over time she realized that, in fact, not only do we all want to be liked, but being liked is essential to networking effectively, both personally and professionally In the years that followed, a growing understanding of what makes us likable and how it works for us led to the need to articulate the...

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    Each law own chapter with summary at end Nothing new.Section 1 Authenticity make connections you want, do it, re frame it, or delete it Self Image like yourself, positive self talk, convert negative self talk Perception it is reality we create, first impression matter, keep an open mind how do people perceive you , be flexible modify behavior to align with authentic self, be consistent in verbal, vocal and visual in how you present yourself thoughts, do away with self doubt, know your communication style and observe that for others fast straight line and zig zag or considered angle and circle Energy flows on and back, channel your authentic energy, know and id your and others energy, harness your energySection 2 Curiosity use to create connections, start conversations open ended , share about self as well, limit research before meeting with others I don t agree Listening listen to others, 3 levels 1 what you hear about you, 2 what you hear about other, 3 to learn about situation Similarity trust and like what one knows so make connections, and mirror other Mood memory people remember how you make them feel than what you say, it s HOW you say it not what, body language and energy inform others impression of you, Admire, ...

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    Remember when you were younger, adults would constantly remind you on how to act Put that down , say thank you, smile Refreshingly, I felt like this book acted as my adult, giving helpful reminders on how to be perceived better by others Yes, some of the 11 laws are common sense, things we already know, but this book does a great job at explaining them thoroughly and reminding the reader when, where and how to use them This book differs from other networking books because it isn t focused on outward manipulative tactics with goal setting in mind Herein lies the strength of this book The book doesn t give you another job to accomplish, instead it is a refreshing take on how to interact with others, regularly, and how simple changes tend to have a positive effect on how...

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    Though geared for people in business, I initially asked for this title quite selfishly to share with my son Smart, funny, handsome if I do say so myself he often questions himself Selling himself short, he could brush up on some people skills as well.Reading it through the lense of a mom looking for tips to help her child, I m sure I read it differently than another reader who picked it up for business purposes Either way, The 11 Laws of Likability is specific and helpful Told through a useful vignette at the beginning of each chapter immediately following a quote from a famous health professional, Lederman then details concrete examples and exercises Her conversational tone allows her readers to read with ease and pick up bits of gold along the ...

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    Highlights 1 Leave w positive mood opportunity for follow up helping them.2 Support and generosity makes you too of mind3 Friendliness Relevance Realness 4 The ability to create positive attitudes in other people ...

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    Useful book Recommended for anyoneThis book is suitable for anyone who want to improve and grow in their personal and professional relationship I started the book not sure if its helpful but as I keep reading I find I can learn so much.

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    Seek connections not transactions Look for the good and interesting in other people Be genuinely curious and ask questions to sustain a good conversation Open ended questions start with what, how, why or how come.

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    straight forward and practical solution to improving your interpersonal skills.likeability don t do things that people don t like do things that people like.it was an eye opener.

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    A very useful bookI found this book to be very useful and very educational The author explains everything in a very organized manner.

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