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The Dogs Who Came to Stay Written With Love And Warmth And A Range Of Feeling From To Sorrow, This Is The Story Of Two Middle Aged Bachelors, Both Professors At Princeton, Who Were Happily And Hilariously Adopted By Two Stray Dogs Capturing The Wonderful And Wise Changes Wrought In Human And Canine Lives As They Try To Learn Each Other S Ways, This Endearing Memoir Is A Love Story With A Difference Photos.

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    The book I read over the summer was The Dogs Who Came to Stay It was written by George Pitcher It s a nonfiction based story It s about these two professor from Princeton who found these two dogs whom they named Lupa and Remus They seemed to have been a mix between Dobermans and Rottweilers because of their black and tan colors They lived on a farm with several other animals like goats I think it was a pretty good book I liked it because I like dogs and one of the dogs in the book reminded me of an old dog I use to have I also liked the fact that it included actual pictures of the dogs Something I didn t like was when lupa died And how there was slightly random poems throughout the book But over all it was a really good bo...

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    Two bachelor scholars take in two dogs who change their lives forever The mother is wild and runs the streets She has managed to stay alive by avoiding humans as much as she can Her life changes dramatically when she has her litter of puppies in the yard of the two men One longs to have a dog like he had briefly as a child His yearning transfers to his roommate who owns the house and the they adopt the mother and one of her pups The devotion the...

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    3.5 starsThis book was a sad beginning but a good all the way through read the only thing I did not enjoy is the fact that the book was so short I felt you didn t get the whole story.

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    A lovely, heartwarming story.

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    A well written and absolutely lovely book.

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    An utterly charming and moving memoir written by a Princeton professor about the dogs who changed his life A pregnant dog appears in the back yard of a house George Pritchard shares with his partner, Ed, and takes up residence beneath the tool shed At first, the men are at odds as to what to do about this, as their lives seem to have no room for the care and feeding of dogs However, the dog gives birth to seven puppies, and being good men, they begin to feed the mother , and to worry about her and her pups, and as will come as a surprise to no one who s been tamed by a dog to fall in love George has been seeing a therapist for years, in an effort to understand why he cannot comfortably receive and give affection He does, however, reminisce about dogs of his youth, and feels a strong pull toward this stoic, frightened animal With infinite patience, he and to a lessor extent Ed, being the slow work of winning the dog s trust and acceptance She is named Lupa Ed is at first reluctant, not being a dog person, but soon warms to her, and to the pups They decide to find homes for six of the pups, but will keep one, who is named Remus And so begins the journey of healing, for everyo...

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    I loved how focused on the dogs this story was, and how simple it was It s a story of animal ownership anyone who has ever had a special pet can relate to There are some beautiful accompany sketches and photos as well A nice story for dog lovers, if not a bit short Sad though, tearjerker warning.

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    Oh, that was so lovely Beautiful dogs on the cover, beautifully named Lupa and Remus, and a nearly 100% focus on said wonderful dogs I knew only just enough about the men to get a sense of who the author was, and loved it that way.

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    gorgeous made me re evaluate love and relationships with non human animals

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    A couple of men adopt two stray dogs.This is an oddly touching true story showing the attachment love between people and their dogs pets.

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