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    just so you know, i really tried anyone who knows me knows my let s call it lack of enthusiasm towards the romance genre but i went into this with an open mind, thinking, i didn t want to read the children s books when i took the children s class either, and look at me now but so i went in thinking it would make me a better person or a better, rounded book knower.so i tried.but shit this is a pretty bad one and it is than just a matter of preference taste for the genre, it is justturdy.backtrack i had a choice of authors to read for this part of the assignment, and i figured i would go with this nora roberts one over the other choices, which seemed to be hearts and flowers with, like, swans, on the cover and lavender cover text this one was about a hostage negotiator in the south how many hostage situations are there in savannah a lot , living in some estrogen temple stately southern gothic mansion with mother, daughter and female helper getting sexually assaulted in her own precinct etc etc it sounded like it would at least be page turning.but, man, there is such a conflict in tone between this high stakes hostage negotiator who is super feminist in her priorities and career, but who says some corny assed shit voici There were long legs in those jeans, she noted Oh Duncan,you re awfully cute, and you re rich, and you ve got a very sexy car I m just not in a position to start ...

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    Think of this one as Roarke and Eve Lite You can definitely catch some of the same feelings because he is rich and she is a cop, but it is set in the now instead of future, and let s face it there s only one Roarke with his Poet Face and Sapphire Eyes.And, Lord knows there is only one Eve Dallas.Obviously, no couple could ever be as perfect But, this couple was pretty damn good too Nora Roberts knows how to write good characters And, I like a mystery and maybe a bit of bloodshed with my romance, so this worked for me.The story is about a female cop, Phoebe, a hostage negotiator, who meets a male rich dude, Duncan, when she talks a guy off a ledge Phoebe is a single mom, a woman in a boys club trying to deal with all of that, and dealing with a very complicated family situation Duncan is Mr Happy Go Lucky and cracked me up several times Here is his remark after he decides he needs to protect her when a bad guy is making threats against her Her I don t know why men think women can t defend themselves or their home He only smiled Do I need to explain the power of the penis to you so soon after you ve experienced its wonder That one made me think of all of my friends here on goodreads If there is one thing we have learned through books Penises are magi...

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    So, this book marks a big moment for me Yes, that s right, I have now finished ONE HUNDRED books this year cue applause A couple of months ago, Flannery and I discovered that we shared a mutual love for Nora Roberts We then decided that we would devote an entire week to Nothing But Nora, revisiting all of our favourite Nora novels High Noon is the first in my NBN book list High Noon is not my absolute favourite Nora novel, but it is amongst the ones I like best Actually, the reason I started off with this one was because I watched The Negotiator Kevin Spacey, Samuel L Jackson about a week ago, and it reminded me of High Noon The book s been stuck in my head ever since Phoebe MacNamara is a negotiator for the Atlanta PD, cool, composed and tough Duncan Swift first meets her when she arrives on St.Patrick s Day to talk one of his suicidal ex employees off a ledge He s impressed by her abilities and struck by her sex appeal But Phoebe s not an easy woman to have a relationship with she s got a seven year old daughter, an agoraphobic mother and very many professional and personal responsibilities And worse, it app...

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    5 Stars Exciting, gripping and brilliantly narrated by Susan Erikson Another fantastic read listen from the talented Nora Roberts The plot had me on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time Phoebe McNamara is a hostage negotiator for the Savannah police department At the scene of an attempted suicide she meets Duncan Swift, former employer of the distraught man who is a jump away from committing suicide Duncan is drawn to this strong confident woman, and she is taken by his charming personality I loved them as individuals and adored them as a couple Phoebe is viciously attacked and seeks aid and comfort from Duncan Shaken by what s happened to her, he vows to seek revenge, but Phoebe won t have it, even though Duncan has the financial resources to launch his own investigation This is what I loved about him He hovered in the background, but never overstepped his bounds and let Phoebe take the lead He was there to support her, but never doubted in her or her ability to do her job It was a pleasant change from the way these issues play out in this type of read Phoebe was the star of this show The plot intensifies as Phoebe and her family becomes the target of a madman hell bent on seeking revenge but who, what and why is the mystery and at times it was vicious and brutal Thrilling There is a whole host of lovely secondary characters, from Phoebe s delightful daughter Carly, ...

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    Audiobook narrator was terrible Story, characters, and chemistry were weak.NARRATOR SUSAN ERICKSEN Imagine someone with a hair trigger temper, quick to yell and always ANGRY That is how the narrator interpreted most characters I don t like to be around angry people, and that was how I felt during most of the book The second most common interpretation was SMUG Others sarcastic, slick, arrogant There was no warmth, vulnerability, sensitivity My favorite narrator Frank Muller reads with a sense of wonder This narrator does not.A different narrator could have made Phoebe likeable But this narrator made Phoebe unlikeable because she was SMUG or ANGRY in every conversation Another character Someone gives a mother flowers The mother was pleased, but she used an impatient and ordering voice telling her daughter to go get a vase.There were a couple conversations where I did not know who was speaking The author did not use he said, she said, which is ok, but the narrator should have used different voices.THE STORY There is a romance but it didn t feel like romance The story is mostly m...

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    This is not my favorite Nora, but still good I tend to rate her against herself anyways I think the tough woman cop thing is a little overplayed I really enjoy when she writes a heroine who is a bit softer, and Phoebe is definitely not that I thought that Duncan, Phoebe s love interest, was sort of blah I just never fell in love with him As always, there is a secondary love story going on between Ava and Phoebe s stand in Daddy and boss But I was very frustrated to realize at the end of the book that there was no resolution She didn t even allude to a happy ending for these two Seriously, it s like she just forgot that these characters had their own little story going on Urg I suppose that sounds all bad, but the book was still enjoyable I like that Phoeb...

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    What the If this is the great Nora Roberts, I m awfully disappointed This story is a compendium of cliches, one after another after another after another

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    Started out quite slow in the 1st half but got much better The 2nd half has all the action in it I give it 3.5 stars due to the previous fact I did like the H h.

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High NoonPolice Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara Found Her Calling At An Early Age When An Unstable Man Broke Into Her Family S Home, Trapping And Terrorizing Them For Hours Now She S Savannah S Top Hostage Negotiator, Defusing Powderkeg Situations With A Talent For Knowing When To Give In Andwhen To Jump In And Take Action It S Satisfying Work And Sometimes Those Skills Come In Handy At Home Dealing With Her Agoraphobic Mother, Still Traumatized By The Break In After All These Years, And Her Precocious Seven Year Old, Carly.It S Exactly That Heady Combination Of Steely Courage And Sensitivity That First Attracts Duncan Swift To Phoebe After Observing Her Coax One Of His Employees Down From A Roof Ledge, He Is Committed To Keeping This Intriguing, Take Charge Woman In His Life She S Used To Working Solo, But Phoebe S Discovering That No Amount Of Negotiation Can Keep Duncan At Arm S Length.And When She S Grabbed By A Man Who Throws A Hood Over Her Head And Brutally Assaults Her In Her Own Precinct House Phoebe Can T Help But Be Deeply Shaken Then Threatening Messages Show Up On Her Doorstep, And She S Not Just Alarmed But Frustrated How Do You Go Face To Face With An Opponent Who Refuses To Look You In The Eye Now, With Duncan Backing Her Up Every Step Of The Way, She Must Establish Contact With The Faceless Tormentor Who Is Determined To Make Her A Hostage To Fear Before She Becomes The Final Showdown.

About the Author: Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name